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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Shell script to read lines in a text file and filter user data Shell Programming and Scripting Post 302894352 by Don Cragun on Tuesday 25th of March 2014 03:28:32 AM
I am not seeing any relationship between the sample data, the desired output, or sample.txt included in the 1st message in this thread and the shell script shown in the 3rd message in this thread.

I was expecting the sample data shown in the 1st message and the data in sample.txt attached to the 1st message to be the same (or at least similar), but they aren't. I don't see any obvious relationship between the desired output and the sample input or sample.txt data.

Please give us an English description of what the format is for the input data. Then explain why the count shown in the first line does not exactly match the number of characters in the following lines, why some groups start with ength-<number>] while others start with Length-<number>], what determines what should be printed in the 1st two fields of the output, and what determines how much of the text from the input should be copied into the 3rd field in the output.
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netris-sample-robot(6)						Netris Sample Robot					    netris-sample-robot(6)

netris-sample-robot - sample robot for netris SYNOPSIS
netris-sample-robot [-l] DESCRIPTION
The netris-sample-robot is a sample implementation of the robot protocol. It plays quite well but isn't too hard to beat. The robot should be started from netris with the option -r to connect or wait for another player to join. You can also let two robots play against each other in that way, if you like. OPTIONS
-l Writes some log information into the file log in the current working directory. If it can't it bails out. EXAMPLES
To start the netris-sample-robot waiting for another connection with logfile use the following line: netris -w -r 'netris-sample-robot -l' You then just have to start netris somewhere else which connects to that robot. SEE ALSO
netris(6) BUGS
One known bug of the netris-sample-robot is that it hangs quite often. This was already filed as a bugreport against the package so please refrain from doing so again. If you have an idea why this happens or know a solution how to fix it feel free to mail us. AUTHORS
Netris was written by Mark H. Weaver <>. This manual page was written by Gerfried Fuchs <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). 0.5 16 Feb 2002 netris-sample-robot(6)

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