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Top Forums Programming MYSQL - trigger update on record insert or update Post 302889989 by barrydocks on Monday 24th of February 2014 04:18:54 PM
Old 02-24-2014
Originally Posted by spacebar
Since mySql doesn't allow "update or insert" syntax you will need to create a 'before insert' and a 'before update' trigger.

Example code:
create trigger before_insert_concat before insert on table1
for each row set col_comb  =  concat( new.cola,  ' - ',  new.colb,  ', ',  new.colc );

create trigger before_update_concat before update on table1
for each row set new.col_comb  =  concat( new.cola,  ' - ',  new.colb,  ', ',  new.colc );

Sorry I am a bit confused, does that mean I need to create a table named 'new' with 4 columns, 'col_comb', 'cola', colb', and 'colc'??

Ignore all that, it works - thanks your a star :-)

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