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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting ksh sed - Extract specific lines with mulitple occurance of interesting lines Post 302889909 by popeye on Monday 24th of February 2014 11:59:43 AM
Old 02-24-2014
ksh sed - Extract specific lines with mulitple occurance of interesting lines

Data file example

Factory CTS 1.9.6(2) P1
*Slot 1 CTS 1.9.6(2) P1
Slot 2 CTS 1.7.1(4864) P1
loads file information
Factory (cmterm-CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1)
CTS: CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.sbn
Touch: CTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA
Slot 1 (cmterm-CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1)
CTS: CTS.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.sbn
Touch: CTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA-G
Slot 2
No loads file
I look for primary and * to isolate the interesting slot number.

slot=`sed '/^primary$/,/\*/!d' filename | tail -1 | sed s'/*//' | awk '{print $1" "$2}'`

Now I want to get the Touch line for only the associate slot number, in this case, because the asterisk indicates the interesting slot, "Slot 1"

sed -n '/\s+"$gslot"/p; /Touch:/p'


Slot 1
Touch: CTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA
Touch: CTSDEV.1-9-6-2R-K9.P1.SPA-G
My question is :
How do I get only the Touch line following the Slot 1 line ? (marked that interesting line with a "-G"

Ofcourse I could have missed something, ... looking through books and the web but I havent found anything that addresses this issue.

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IRDAATTACH(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     IRDAATTACH(8)

irdaattach -- attach serial lines to IrDA frame driver SYNOPSIS
irdaattach [-d dongle] [-fHhlmnp] ttyname DESCRIPTION
irdaattach is used to assign a tty line to an IrDA frame level driver. The following operands are supported by irdaattach: -d dongle Sets the dongle type. The following dongles are supported: none No dongle tekram Tekram IR-210B jeteye Extended Systems JetEye actisys ACTiSYS IR-220L actisys+ ACTiSYS IR-220L+ litelink Parallax LiteLink girbil Greenwich GIrBIL The default is none. -f Print the name of the IrDA frame device that should be used to access the frames. -H Turn on DTR/CTS flow control. By default, no flow control is done. -h Turn on RTS/CTS flow control. By default, no flow control is done. -l Turn on the CLOCAL flag, making it possible to run SLIP on a cable without modem control signals (e.g. DTR, DSR, DCD). -m Maintain modem control signals after closing the line. Specifically, this disables HUPCL. -n Do not detach from invoking tty. -p Print process id to file. ttyname Specifies the name of the tty device. Ttyname should be a string of the form 'ttyXX', or '/dev/ttyXX'. Only the super-user may attach a network interface. The frame driver is detached by killing the irdaattach process. EXAMPLES
irdaattach tty00 ircomm -Y -d `irdaattach -p -f /dev/tty02` DIAGNOSTICS
Messages indicating that the specified interface does not exist, the requested address is unknown, or that the user is not privileged but tried to alter an interface's configuration. SEE ALSO
daemon(3), irframe(4), irframetty(4), slattach(8) HISTORY
The irdaattach command appeared in NetBSD 1.6. BSD
December 4, 2001 BSD

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