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Top Forums Programming MYSQL - trigger update on record insert or update Post 302889571 by spacebar on Friday 21st of February 2014 02:47:28 PM
Old 02-21-2014
Post your mySql database version and the code for your trigger you are attempting to use.
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dpkg-trigger(1) 						    dpkg suite							   dpkg-trigger(1)

dpkg-trigger - a package trigger utility SYNOPSIS
dpkg-trigger [option...] trigger-name dpkg-trigger [option...] command DESCRIPTION
dpkg-trigger is a tool to explicitly activate triggers and check for its support on the running dpkg. This can be used by maintainer scripts in complex and conditional situations where the file triggers, or the declarative activate triggers control file directive, are insufficiently rich. It can also be used for testing and by system administrators (but note that the triggers won't actually be run by dpkg-trigger). Unrecognized trigger name syntaxes are an error for dpkg-trigger. COMMANDS
--check-supported Check if the running dpkg supports triggers (usually called from a postinst). Will exit 0 if a triggers-capable dpkg has run, or 1 with an error message to stderr if not. Normally, however, it is better just to activate the desired trigger with dpkg-trigger. -?, --help Show the usage message and exit. --version Show the version and exit. OPTIONS
--admindir=dir Change the location of the dpkg database. The default location is /var/lib/dpkg. --by-package=package Override trigger awaiter (normally set by dpkg through the DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE environment variable of the maintainer scripts, naming the package to which the script belongs, and this will be used by default). --no-await This option arranges that the calling package T (if any) need not await the processing of this trigger; the interested package(s) I, will not be added to T's trigger processing awaited list and T's status is unchanged. T may be considered installed even though I may not yet have processed the trigger. --await This option does the inverse of --no-await (since dpkg 1.17.21). It is currently the default behavior. --no-act Just test, do not actually change anything. EXIT STATUS
0 The requested action was successfully performed. Or a check or assertion command returned true. 1 A check or assertion command returned false. 2 Fatal or unrecoverable error due to invalid command-line usage, or interactions with the system, such as accesses to the database, memory allocations, etc. ENVIRONMENT
DPKG_ADMINDIR If set and the --admindir option has not been specified, it will be used as the dpkg data directory. SEE ALSO
dpkg(1), deb-triggers(5), /usr/share/doc/dpkg-dev/triggers.txt.gz. 2018-04-16 dpkg-trigger(1)

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