Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using CSH and need to convert html to PDF Post 302888523 by lakers646 on Friday 14th of February 2014 05:52:47 PM
it doesn't work, it doesn't help in resolving my problem, i am actually lookin for c-shell script o generate pdf not any external tools
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I am attempting to write a script where I can pass in parameters ( to , from, the location of a pdf attachment ) and send an email that has HTML for the body content and a PDF as an attachment. I have failed to achieve this with sendmail and mutt. I recently found this. If there are any... (2 Replies)
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XFIG-PDF-VIEWER(1)						Debian Users Manual						XFIG-PDF-VIEWER(1)

xfig-pdf-viewer - view a PDF document using a PDF browser under X11 SYNOPSIS
xfig-pdf-viewer file.pdf DESCRIPTION
xfig-pdf-viewer is a little shell script, which tries to find out which PDF viewers you have installed on your system and then starts them. xfig-pdf-viewer tries the following PDF viewers with descending priority: - xpdf(1) - kpdf(1) - evince(1) - acroread(1) - gpdf(1) - gv(1) - gnome-gv(1) - kghostview(1) - ghostview(1) If the environment variable PDFVIEWER is set, this is used with highest priority. ENVIRONMENT
PDFVIEWER you can define your favorite browser with this variable, it overrides the priority of the above mentioned viewers. AUTHOR
Roland Rosenfeld <> SEE ALSO
xpdf(1), kpdf(1), evince(1), acroread(1), gpdf(1), gv(1), gnome-gv(1), kghostview(1), ghostview(1) Debian Project JULY 2006 XFIG-PDF-VIEWER(1)

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