Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 server crashed two times Post 302884980 by bartus11 on Wednesday 22nd of January 2014 06:46:17 PM
What does this show:
grep panic /var/adm/messages*
grep kern /var/adm/messages*

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mailstats(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      mailstats(8)

mailstats - Displays statistics about mail traffic SYNOPSIS
mailstats [-o] [-C cffile [-f stfile] FLAGS
Do not display the name of the mailer in the output. Use cffile as the name of the sendmail "cf" file instead of /var/adm/sendmail/send- mail.cf. Use stfile as the input statistics file instead of /var/adm/sendmail/sendmail.st. DESCRIPTION
The mailstats command reads the information in the /var/adm/sendmail/sendmail.st file (or in the file specified with the -f flag), formats it, and writes it to standard output. Note also that you can change the location of the sendmail.st file by editing its pathname in the sendmail.cf file. EXAMPLES
The format of the information is shown in the following example, in which the first field (M) contains a number that indicates the position of that mailer in the sendmail.cf file, starting at 0 (zero). For example, the first mailer in the sendmail.cf file corresponds to the number 0 in the mailstats display, the second mailer corresponds to the number 1, and so on. Statistics from Thu Feb 17 11:20:01 2000 M msgsfr bytes_from msgsto bytes_to msgsrej msgsdis Mailer 1 50 77K 1 3K 0 0 local 6 43 59K 58 99K 0 0 smtp ============================================================ T 93 136K 59 102K 0 0 The fields in the report have the following meanings: Indicates the position of the mailer in the sendmail.cf file. Indicates the number of messages received by the local machine from the indicated mailer. Indicates the number of bytes in the messages received by the local machine from the indicated mailer. Indicates the number of messages sent from the local machine using the indicated mailer. Indicates the number of bytes in the messages sent from the local machine using the indicated mailer. Indicates the number of rejected messages. Indicates the number of discarded messages. Indicates the name of the mailer. If sendmail transmits mail directly to a file, such as the dead.letter file or an alias target, the message and byte counts are credited to the prog mailer, as defined in the sendmail.cf file. However, mailstats will still default to var/adm/sendmail/sendmail.st. FILES
Specifies the command path Contains system statistics Contains configuration information for sendmail RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: sendmail(8) delim off mailstats(8)

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