Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 server crashed two times Post 302884977 by samnyc on Wednesday 22nd of January 2014 06:34:44 PM
Originally Posted by bartus11
What kind of hardware is it? Does it have ILOM? If it does, then you can check ILOM logs in /SP/logs/event/list (IIRC).
I have Sunfire E6900. which has four domain. But I only have access to one. Other three are used by different groups currently I think they took it offline.
second one Sunfire E2900

On the E6900, I did go to console I was hostname-scSmilie prompt. I typed " help " I saw this...

history          -- show command history
password         -- set the domain password
poweroff         -- powers off components 
poweron          -- powers on components
reset            -- reset the domain
resume           -- return to domain console
setdate          -- set the date and time for the domain
setdefaults      -- set default configuration values
setkeyswitch     -- set the keyswitch position
setls            -- set FRU location status
setupdomain      -- configure the domain
showboards       -- show board information
showcodusage     -- show COD resource usage
showcomponent    -- show state of a component
showdate         -- show the current date and time for the domain
showdomain       -- show domain configuration and status
showenvironment  -- show environmental information
showkeyswitch    -- show the keyswitch position
showlogs         -- show the logs
showresetstate   -- show CPU registers after reset
testboard        -- test a CPU/Memory board

I then typed " showlogs "

Jan 17 10:28:47 dev-sc Domain-D.SC: [ID 384869 local0.error] Domain watchdog timer expired.
Jan 17 10:28:47 dev-sc Domain-D.SC: [ID 180029 local0.notice] Using default hang-policy (RESET).
Jan 17 10:28:47 dev-sc Domain-D.SC: [ID 838382 local0.error] Saving reset state data before XIR.
Jan 17 10:28:50 dev-sc Domain-D.SC: [ID 580408 local0.notice] Resetting (XIR) domain.
Jan 17 10:28:50 dev-sc Domain-D.SC: [ID 815168 local0.error] Saving reset state data after XIR.

Can you advise what else I can look at?

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Originally Posted by fpmurphy
Both systems reboot OK? Did you look in the older /var/adm/messages log files and not just the current messages file? Is crash dump enabled? If not, you should enable it if possible.
yes. System is online now. Both of the server has Sybase running. Very important DB for the company. I did check the /var/adm/messages file. It has lot of data, but I didn't find anything useful as to why the system crashed.
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