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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Export emails into spreadsheet (script) Post 302880919 by DGPickett on Tuesday 24th of December 2013 03:12:03 PM
Old 12-24-2013
You wuld need to parse inbox the mail file to find message boundaries, then parse out these items from the front of the message, ignoring later ones in forwarded, replied or attached message headers. It is not so hard, being all in text.

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WEDGED(8)                                                     System Manager's Manual                                                    WEDGED(8)

wedged - HylaFAX modem wedged script SYNOPSIS
/var/spool/hylafax/bin/wedged devid device DESCRIPTION
bin/wedged is the command script invoked by the facsimile server when a modem is deemed to be in an irreparable state and requires operator intervention. This decision is based on the setting of the MaxSetupAttempts configuration parameter described in hylafax-config(5). The default wedged script sends electronic mail to the FaxMaster alias. The interval at which emails are sent can be configured in the etc/FaxDispatch file by setting the WEDGED_EMAIL_INTERVAL variable to the desired number of minutes (emails will be sent no more than every WEDGED_EMAIL_INTERVAL minutes, until the wedged condition persists). If the variable WEDGED_DISABLE_FAXGETTY is set in etc/FaxDispatch then the script will attempt to disable any faxgetty processes spawned by the init(8) process for the problematic modem. In addition the faxq(8) process automatically disables use of the modem for servicing outbound jobs. The devid argument is the identifier derived from the name of the modem's device file by substituting ``_'' characters for ``/'' charac- ters; e.g. term_10 for /dev/term/10. The device argument is the name of the character special device associated with the modem. If there exists an executable file /var/spool/hylafax/etc/resetmodem then that file will be executed upon execution of the wedged script in an effort to recover the modem. FILES
/usr/lib/sendmail for delivering mail SEE ALSO
faxq(8), hylafax-config(5) October 3, 1995 WEDGED(8)

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