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"Sftp multiple files in single command"

Post #302880223 by sid2013 on Wednesday 18th of December 2013 07:45:48 AM


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Renaming multiple files in sftp server in a get files script

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SFTP Multiple files

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I have multiple files test1, test2, test3 etc. I want to move to a different directory with ABC_ prefixed to every file and and current dat time as postfix using a single command. (I will be using this is sftp with ! (command for local server). I have tried the following but it gives error ... (5 Replies)
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PSMERGE(1)						      General Commands Manual							PSMERGE(1)

psmerge - filter to merge several PostScript files into one
psmerge [ ] [ ... ]
Psmerge merges PostScript documents into a single document. It only works in the specific case the the files were created using the same application, with the same device setup and resources (fonts, procsets, patterns, files, etc) loaded. If the -o option is used, output will be sent to the file named, otherwise it will go to standard output. Psmerge will merge multiple files concatenated into a single file as if they were in separate files.
psmerge is for a very specific case; it does not merge files in the general case. For all those cases which can not be handled by psmerge the program gs (known as ghostscript) may help: gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pswrite ... -c quit This is rather slow and generates bigger output files.
Copyright (C) Angus J. C. Duggan 1991-1995
psbook(1), psselect(1), pstops(1), epsffit(1), psnup(1), psresize(1), psmerge(1), fixscribeps(1), getafm(1), fixdlsrps(1), fixfmps(1), fix- macps(1), fixpsditps(1), fixpspps(1), fixtpps(1), fixwfwps(1), fixwpps(1), fixwwps(1), extractres(1), includeres(1)
PostScript is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. PSUtils Release 1 Patchlevel 17 PSMERGE(1)

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