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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
Then let's call it a shortcoming.
It looks like -x mode uses stderr, and can conflict with redirection in the shell code.
It can get messy, yes.

This is also an issue for bash ...
$ bash -xc 'echo foo; exec 2>&1; echo bar' > stdout
+ echo foo
+ exec
$ cat stdout
+ echo bar

... but since it does not trace redirections, the destination of the trace won't change mid-command.

Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
Then, why stderr and not another file descriptor?
I would assume because stderr is known to be reserved for diagnostic and error messages, not data. If an alternative file descriptor were chosen, the possibility for a collision would still exist.

Corona688 makes an excellent point:
Originally Posted by Corona688
Being 'clever' about it would make obvious things, like redirecting a trace's output into a file, difficult.
Cleverness would include attempting to detect and handle a collision between the internal tracing descriptor and a script's redirections.


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