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ksh on UNIX and Linux

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ksh on UNIX and Linux.
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I remember the times when you were taught shell basics, and so was pure sh for compatibility, it is also true for ksh... things may change when it comes to advanced features and extensions where it may differ depending of implementation ( and so KSH93 or KSH88 with posix extension...) ... In other words if your shellscript is pure standard ksh it has no reason to not be compatible between UNIX variants or LINUX so sticking to old syntax will almost always work, recent fany extension may give surprises...
I stick to old ksh to be sure I have no problem when copying my scripts from HP-UX to Solaris or AIX thought its more AIX to solaris and linux now... (AIX has ksh93 ( the server I squat I upgraded to 7.1 so not sure about the other releases...) HP-UX 11.11 is not KSH93 nor is Solaris 10 ksh)

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