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Full Discussion: Help with blobbing
Operating Systems OS X (Apple) Help with blobbing Post 302851321 by Scrutinizer on Sunday 8th of September 2013 06:50:56 AM
Old 09-08-2013
Perhaps something this is more what you are looking for:

cd ~/Desktop/filing/
while : 
  for i in *.jpg
    if [ -f "$i" ]; then
      case $i in 
            scp "$i" ../filed/1000 ;;
            scp "$i" ../filed/13000 ;;
  sleep 10

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XCreateImage(3X), XGetPixel(3X), XPutPixel(3X), XSubImage(3X), XAddPixel(3X), XDestroy(3X) X Version 11 Release 6 XInitImage(3X)

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