Operating Systems HP-UX [Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC Post 302851267 by Peasant on Sunday 8th of September 2013 12:22:27 AM
Old 09-08-2013
If you are managing alot of HPUX server, i would advise to use HP-SIM with software assistant, it's free.

Also, make a depot repository on one of your HPUX machines, since it will simplify patch deployment and machine backup over your internal network.

So it's (simplified) INTERNET < HPSIM <> YOUR HPUX HOSTS.

Hope that helps


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svn-fast-backup(1)					      General Commands Manual						svn-fast-backup(1)

svn-fast-backup - very fast backup for Subversion fsfs repositories. SYNOPSIS
svn-fast-backup [-q] [-k{N|all}] [-f] [-t] [-s] repos_path backup_dir DESCRIPTION
svn-fast-backup uses rsync snapshots for very fast backup of a Subversion fsfs repository at repos_path to backup_dir/repos-rev, the latest revision number in the repository. Multiple fsfs backups share data via hardlinks, so old backups are almost free, since a newer revision of a repository is almost a complete superset of an older revision. This is good for replacing incremental log-dump+restore-style backups because it is just as space-conserving and even faster; there is no inter-backup state (old backups are essentially caches); each backup directory is self-contained. It has the same command-line interface as svn-hot-backup(1) (if you use --force), but only works for fsfs repositories. svn-fast-backup keeps 64 backups by default and deletes backups older than these; this can be adjusted with the -k option. OPTIONS
-h, --help Shows some brief help text. -q, --quiet Quieter-than-usual operation. -k, --keep=N Keep a specified number of backups; the default is to keep 64. -k, --keep=all Do not delete any old backups at all. -f, --force Make a new backup even if one with the current revision exists. -t, --trace Show actions. -s, --simulate Don't perform actions. AUTHOR
Voluntary contributions made by many individuals. Copyright (C) 2006 CollabNet. 2006-11-09 svn-fast-backup(1)

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