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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help with bash script problem Post 302850883 by perl_beginner on Thursday 5th of September 2013 11:15:00 PM
Old 09-06-2013
Hi Scott,

I just try your code edit.
But it seems like the script will run "Number_Count_Program" if I key in something like "./ A+B B+C"?

What I prefer is "Number_Count_Program" is run only when both first and second argument don't have any "+".
If either first or second or both got "+", I will prefer it run "Number_Split_Program".

Kindly correct me if I was wrong.
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PCT-SCANNER-SCRIPT(1)					      General Commands Manual					     PCT-SCANNER-SCRIPT(1)

pct-scanner-script - easy scan and create merged DjVu and PDF documents for archiving SYNOPSIS
pct-scanner-script [--help] DESCRIPTION
pct-scanner-script is a bash script and configuration system to easily scan documents and create a digital archiving. It can create DjVu PDF and JPEG outputs, in merged and individual files. It also has a configuration system where different configurations can be defined, making it easy to switch between configurations. Please use pct-scanner-script --help to find all program options, the complete help, and all examples. Features: - auto archiving in merged and individual DjVu, PDF, and JPEG files - auto and manual resume when scanning somehow fails - cascading configuration system, for easy customizing - easy command-line-style bash program, with useful options - archiving made possible with both adf and flatbed scanners - built for productivity and daily use - uses bash, scanadf and other mainstream processing tools - multilanguage commandline output OPTIONS
-h, --help, -? Show summary of options, help, and examples. DEBUGGING
This program is a helper script to easy scan and automated digital document archiving for normal and adf scanners. You can debug this script by running it as bash -x pct-scanner-script [options]. The script is just a nice wrapper for the scanadf, DjVu and PDF tools. SEE ALSO
scanadf(1), AUTHOR
pct-scanner-script and this manual page are written by: Jelle de Jong <>. March 31, 2009 PCT-SCANNER-SCRIPT(1)

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