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Operating Systems AIX Exportvg/importvg causes corrupt LV Control Block Post 302849635 by MichaelFelt on Monday 2nd of September 2013 04:24:50 PM
Old 09-02-2013
exportvg should not be changing the VGDA in anyway, in fact it can be done with the disks of the volume group inactive.

I think something had happened to your LVCB before hand.

Consider the following command sequence. This disk is active, but the commands should give (nearly) the same output (there may be in the VGDA whether the VGDA is active or not).

The tail command is to show that the -dt options shows how all PP are mapped.

p.s. My prompt is not #, but I have performed an su to root so my euid is 0

hdisk1          00cbe32e3ea9f4d2                    vgData          active      
hdisk0          005d858f5e3e41d2                    rootvg          active      
hdisk2          005d858fdba3ba0e                    vgBackup                    
hdisk3          005d858f9b15ace8                    vgITDS          active      
michael@x054:[/home/michael]lquerypv -p 005d858f5e3e41d2 -N hdisk0 -t | more
PP Size:        26
PV State:       1
Total PPs:      542
Alloc PPs:      252
Total VGDAs:    2
HOT SPARE:      0
Beg PSN:        4352
michael@x054:[/home/michael]lquerypv -p 005d858f5e3e41d2 -N hdisk0 -dt | tail
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:533  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:534  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:535  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:536  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:537  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:538  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:539  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:540  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:541  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   
PVMAP:  005d858f5e3e41d2:542  0 ODMtype  0000000000000000.0   0     0000000000000000:0    0000000000000000:0   

Question: do you get the same issue when you su to root (is there perhaps an authority not passing when using sudo?)

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Should have read the bottom line. So I guess you can ignore my reply. Smilie
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PAPS(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   PAPS(1)

paps - UTF-8 to PostScript converter using Pango SYNOPSIS
paps [options] files... DESCRIPTION
paps reads a UTF-8 encoded file and generates a PostScript language rendering of the file. The rendering is done by creating outline curves through the pango ft2 backend. OPTIONS
These programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below. --landscape Landscape output. Default is portrait. --columns=cl Number of columns output. Default is 1. --font=desc Set the font description. Default is Monospace 12. --rtl Do rtl layout. --paper ps Choose paper size. Known paper sizes are legal, letter, a4. Default is A4. --bottom-margin=bm Set bottom margin in postscript points (1/72 inch). Default is 36. --top-margin=tm Set top margin. Default is 36. --left-margin=lm Set left margin. Default is 36. --right-margin=rm Set right margin. Default is 36. --help Show summary of options. --header Draw page header for each page. --markup Interpret the text as pango markup. --encoding=ENCODING Assume the documentation encoding is ENCODING. --lpi Set the lines per inch. This determines the line spacing. --cpi Set the characters per inch. This is an alternative method of specifying the font size. --stretch-chars Indicates that characters should be stretched in the y-direction to fill up their vertical space. This is similar to the texttops behaviour. AUTHOR
paps was written by Dov Grobgeld <>. This manual page was written by Lior Kaplan <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). April 17, 2006 PAPS(1)

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