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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Making a script to copy files not seen before (using md5sum) Post 302849079 by gacanepa on Friday 30th of August 2013 08:50:38 PM
Old 08-30-2013
There you go.
Refer to this line:
+ grep -q /hd1/home/nick/test1.md5

The fact that the script stops there (and the fact that the command is incomplete) tells us that the error is in the previous command.
Replace the following line:
FMD5=md5sum $f

FMD5=$(md5sum $f)

The error resides in that the shell is not expanding the result of the md5sum command, therefore you lack one argument in the grep command that follows.
Please let me know how it goes.
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-v <name> View script with the given name. The script if retrieved sucessfully is output to standard output. -l List all of the scripts currently on the server. If one of the scripts is active a arrow is printed indicating that it is the active script. -p <port> Port to connect to. If left off this defaults to "sieve" as defined in /etc/services. -i <file> Install a file onto the server. If a script with the same name already exists on the server it is overwritten. Upon sucessfully putting the script on the server the script is set active. If <file> has the extension .script it is chopped when put on the server since sieve names may not contain a '.'. -a <name> Set <name> as the active script. The list of available names can be obtained from the '-l' option.. -d <name> Delete the sieve script on the server with <name>. -m <mechanism> Force installsieve to use <mechanism> for authentication. If not specified the strongest authentication mechanism is chosen. -g <name> Get the sieve script with <name> and save it to disk with a ".script" extension. If a file with that name already exists it is overwritten. -u <user> Userid/Authname to use for authentication; by default, the current user. CMU
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