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Full Discussion: sed string with any order
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting sed string with any order Post 302849071 by Satyak on Friday 30th of August 2013 07:08:52 PM
Old 08-30-2013
RedHat sed string with any order

Hi, i have a strange prob. log file contains ip, protocol, user name, agent . these can be in any order. If log contains the above order able to fetch all details but if details are in diff order not able to fetch all details.

using below command.
grep -A50 "Entry " "/logs/file.log" \
|grep -A50 "Login" \
|sed -n -e '/IPADDR/p' -e '/PROTOCOL/p' -e '/USER_NM/p' -e '/AGENT/p' \
| sed 's/^ *//g' \
|sed -e 's/IPADDR */1C /g' -e 's/PROTOCOL */2C /g' -e 's/USER_NM */4C /g' -e 's/AGENT */3C /g'  > $TMP_FILE

Can someone plz help

thanks in advance

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