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Operating Systems HP-UX [Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC Post 302847719 by lupin..the..3rd on Tuesday 27th of August 2013 03:28:48 PM
Old 08-27-2013
[Solved] Patching HP-UX 11.31 from DVD vs. ITRC

Howdy folks, in keeping my servers patched up to date, I normally use the swainv shell script to generate inventory.xml, upload it to ITRC for patch analysis, and then download the recommended bundle.

I have a whole bunch of 11.31 servers that are not internet-connected now, but I do have the latest March 2013 media on DVD (I think the last time I patched these was in early 2012). My question for the group, is whether it's possible to get these servers patched up to date using these DVD discs? Is there some way to do a patch analysis and install any applicable patches or updates that are present on the DVD media?

This would save me a lot of time, vs. manually moving all the inventory.xml files to an internet-connected machine, and then having to move the large patch bundles back onto the isolated servers.

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DPATCH.MAKE(7)							      dpatch							    DPATCH.MAKE(7)

dpatch.make - simplistic wrapper around dpatch(1) for make(1). SYNOPSIS
include /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make DESCRIPTION
For backwards compatibility and ease of use, dpatch.make is provided along with dpatch(1). Its purpose is to implement generic patch and unpatch rules that can be reused in debian/rules scripts. WARNING
dpatch is deprecated, please switch to the `3.0 (quilt)' Debian source package format instead. See Src3.0#FAQ for a short guide on how to do it. USAGE
Using dpatch.make is rather straightforward: one has to include the file in debian/rules, change the appropriate targets to depend on patch and unpatch, and that is all it takes. Figuring out what the appropriate target is, requires some thought. Generally, one has a build target, or config.status, or configure (or any of these with a -stamp suffix). Most of the time these are called first during the build, so one of these (the one that exists, and is not depended upon by another one) has to be modified to depend on the patch target in dpatch.make. Doing the same for the clean target is easier. One only has to rename the old rule to, say, clean-patched, then make a new one that has clean-patched and unpatch in its list of prerequisites. CUSTOMISATION
There are a few variables which are used by dpatch.make, which can be set before including it, in order to change the systems behaviour a little. These variables are: DEB_SOURCE_PACKAGE This is the name of the source package, used when creating the stamp file. By default, it is empty. DPATCH_STAMPDIR This is the directory where stamp files will be put. Default is debian/patched. DPATCH_STAMPFN The name of the stamp file, which contains the patch descriptions and other possible meta-data. Default value is patch-stamp. DPATCH_PREDEPS A list of make targets to call before applying the dpatch. DPATCH_WORKDIR The target directory to apply patches to. By default, it is the current directory. PATCHLIST The list of patches to apply. This is an alternative to debian/patches/00list - that is, if this variable is not empty, the contents of 00list will be ignored, and this variable will be used instead. EXAMPLE
include /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make build: build-stamp build-stamp: patch-stamp ${MAKE} touch build-stamp clean: clean1 unpatch clean1: ${MAKE} clean rm -rf debian/files debian/substvars debian/imaginary-package .PHONY: patch unpatch ... . . . SIDE EFFECTS
Using dpatch.make instead of calling dpatch directly has one side effect: it will create a file called patch-stamp containing some meta-information extracted from the scriptlets. Depending on a phony patch target directly from build target may cause build target to be reevaluated even when there is no change to be done. Instead, try making build-stamp depend on patch-stamp as specified in this example. AUTHOR
Originally by Gergely Nagy. Modified by Junichi Uekawa. SEE ALSO
dpatch(1), dpatch(7), dpatch-edit-patch(1), dpatch-list-patch(1), dpatch-convert-diffgz(1) DPATCH 2 Dec 13 2011 DPATCH.MAKE(7)

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