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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Awk/sed problem to write Db insertion statement Post 302846985 by bhaskar_m on Monday 26th of August 2013 04:55:11 AM
Old 08-26-2013
Hi Don,

Thanks for your effort and posting.

I have tried

[wlapp@~/scripts] $ line="10015, 23-AUG-2013,02:03:46, 1111111, 22222222"
[wlapp@~/scripts] $ echo $line
10015, 23-AUG-2013,02:03:46, 1111111, 22222222
[wlapp@~/scripts] $ awk -v sq="'" -F", *" '{printf ("INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME(PARTNER_ID,CHARGE_DATE,CURRENT_DAILY_LIMIT,CURRENT_MONTHLY_LIMIT) VALUES ( %s, TO_DATE(%s,%sDD-MON-YYYY,HH24:MI:SS%s),%s,%s);\n", sq $1 sq, sq $2 "," $3 sq, sq, sq, sq $4 sq, sq $5 sq)}' $line
awk: syntax error near line 1
awk: bailing out near line 1

Can you please further suggest? is there any other way?

Actually db link and is not going to work as these DBs are in two different environments.

Effectively, what we are trying to do is fetch the data from few tables. exporting them into .csv files. Those .csv files will be used populate DB in another environment. Our target is convert those .csv files into INSERT statements using shell scripts and then run sqlplus to load the data.

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ifpps(8)							netsniff-ng-toolkit							  ifpps(8)

ifpps - fetch and format kernel network statistics SYNOPSIS
ifpps -d|--dev <netdev> [-t|--interval <sec>][-p|--promisc][-c|--term] [-C|--csv][-H|--csv-tablehead][-l|--loop][-v|--version][-h|--help] DESCRIPTION
A tiny tool to provide top-like reliable networking statistics. ifpps reads out the 'real' kernel statistics, so it does not give erroneous statistics on high I/O load. OPTIONS
ifpps --dev eth0 Fetch eth0 interface statistics. ifpps --dev eth0 --interval 60 --csv Output eth0 interface statistics every minute in CSV format. OPTIONS
-h|--help Print help text and lists all options. -v|--version Print version. -d|--dev <netdev> Device to fetch statistics for i.e., eth0. -p|--promisc Put the device in promiscuous mode -t|--interval <time> Refresh time in sec (default 1 sec) -c|--term Output to terminal -C|--csv Output in CSV format. E.g. post-processing with Gnuplot et al. -H|--csv-tablehead Print CSV table head. -l|--loop Loop terminal output. AUTHOR
Written by Daniel Borkmann <> DOCUMENTATION
Documentation by Emmanuel Roullit <> BUGS
Please report bugs to <> 2012-06-29 ifpps(8)

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