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Special Forums Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions SQL Server import csv or txt on a Solaris box Post 302846609 by figaro on Sunday 25th of August 2013 04:03:43 AM
Old 08-25-2013
I suppose with PC you mean a Windows environment? You can't use PC and Unix SAS at the same time without any configuration beforehand. Files would need to be transferred using scp or automatic ftp.
Presuming that the data is in a structured format already and if we are talking about one file only, can't you use one of the two systems, given that they have overlapping functionality?
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CUBRID_LOB_GET(3)							 1							 CUBRID_LOB_GET(3)

cubrid_lob_get - Get BLOB/CLOB data

array cubrid_lob_get (resource $conn_identifier, string $sql) DESCRIPTION
cubrid_lob_get(3) is used to get BLOB/CLOB meta info from CUBRID database, CUBRID gets BLOB/CLOB by executing the SQL statement, and returns all LOBs as a resource array. Be sure that the SQL retrieves only one column and its data type is BLOB or CLOB. Remember to use cubrid_lob_close(3) to release the LOBs if you don't need it any more. PARAMETERS
o $conn_identifier -Connection identifier. o $sql -SQL statement to be executed. RETURN VALUES
Return an array of LOB resources, when process is successful. FALSE, when process is unsuccessful. EXAMPLES
Example #1 cubrid_lob_get(3) example <?php $conn = cubrid_connect ("localhost", 33000, "demodb", "dba"); cubrid_execute($conn,"DROP TABLE if exists doc"); cubrid_execute($conn,"CREATE TABLE doc (id INT, doc_content CLOB)"); cubrid_execute($conn,"INSERT INTO doc VALUES (5,'hello,cubrid')"); $lobs = cubrid_lob_get($conn, "SELECT doc_content FROM doc WHERE id=5"); echo "Doc size: ".cubrid_lob_size($lobs[0])." bytes"; cubrid_lob_export($conn, $lobs[0], "doc_5.txt"); cubrid_lob_close($lobs); cubrid_disconnect($conn); ?> SEE ALSO
cubrid_lob_close(3), cubrid_lob_size(3), cubrid_lob_export(3), cubrid_lob_send(3). PHP Documentation Group CUBRID_LOB_GET(3)

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