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Full Discussion: Need to split record
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need to split record Post 302844747 by rdcwayx on Tuesday 20th of August 2013 01:49:05 AM
Old 08-20-2013
Originally Posted by Jotne
Input is different
echo "i/p: 123456789" |sed 's/\(...\)/\1\n/g'
: 1

you may misunderstand the original request. SmilieSmilie
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HOTSWAPRC(5)							File Formats Manual						      HOTSWAPRC(5)

hotswaprc - configuration file for hotswap DESCRIPTION
/etc/hotswaprc is the global configuration file for the hotswap utility. It allows system administrators to specify arbitrary shell scripts to be run after a device is inserted, as well as before and after it is removed. Scripts are selected according to the model name retrieved from the device. This is particularly helpful for automatic configura- tion of CD-RW drives, which require SCSI emulation and bypass normal access via the IDE subsystem. hotswaprc is implemented as an Extensible Mark-up Language (XML) application. XML documents are structured using elements of the form <tag-name> content <tag-name>. A Document Type Definition (DTD) describes the possible content of each element. Please refer to the XML specification for more information. The hotswap distribution also contains an example file, doc/hotswaprc.example, which includes the DTD for the configuration file format. ELEMENTS
<hotswap> This is the root element of the document. Each valid hotswaprc must contain exactly one <hotswap> element. The <hotswap> element may contain an arbitrary number of <device> elements. <device> The configuration file contains one <device> element for every device for which scripts are defined. The <device> element is com- posed of the following elements in this order: <name>, <post-insert>, <pre-remove>, <post-remove>. All but <name> are optional. <name> The content of this element is the model identification string of the IDE device the current <device> element refers to. <post-insert> Contains the shell script that is to be executed after the device has been inserted and registered with the kernel. <pre-remove> Contains the shell script that is to be run before hotswap attempts to unregister the device. <post-remove> Contains the shell script that is to be run after the device had been unregistered. REPORT BUGS
Report bugs to AUTHOR
Written by Tim Stadelmann. SEE ALSO
hotswap(1), xhotswap(1). COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Tim Stadelmann. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. 26th November 2002 HOTSWAPRC(5)

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