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Full Discussion: [Solved] Output on one line
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting [Solved] Output on one line Post 302844411 by Junes on Monday 19th of August 2013 07:49:32 AM
Old 08-19-2013
Sorry did not work... Same output as before capitanui and prasperl

Last edited by Junes; 08-19-2013 at 08:56 AM..
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XtAppAddWorkProc()														XtAppAddWorkProc()

XtAppAddWorkProc - register a procedure to be called when the event loop is idle.

  XtWorkProcId XtAppAddWorkProc(app_context, proc, client_data)
	 XtAppContext app_context;
	 XtWorkProc proc;
	 XtPointer client_data;

	    Specifies the application context.

  proc	    Specifies the procedure that is to be called when the application is idle.

	    Specifies data to be passed to proc when it is called.

  A handle of type XtWorkProcId that can be passed to XtRemoveWorkProc() to unregister the work procedure.

  XtAddWorkProc()  registers  the  procedure proc and the data client_data to be called by XtAppNextEvent() or XtAppProcessEvent() when there
  are no pending input events and it would otherwise block.  Multiple work procedures can be registered, and the most recently added  one  is
  always  the  one  that  is called.  However, if a work procedure itself adds another work procedure, the newly added one has lower priority
  than the current one.

  A work procedure returns a Boolean.  If it returns True, it will automatically be unregistered and will not be called again.	If it returns
  False it will be called the next time the application is idle.  See XtWorkProc(2) for more information.

  XtAppAddWorkProc() implements a limited form of background processing.  Most applications spend most of their time waiting for input; to do
  useful work during this idle time, you can register a work procedure that will run when the application is idle.

  A work procedure must return quickly or the application will not be able to promptly respond to user events.	If a large task needs  to  be
  done	in  the background, the work procedure should periodically save its state and return False.  Work procedures should not be used to do
  frivolous work in the background.  In a multi-tasking system, an idle application should generally actually be idle, and not steal CPU time
  from other processes.

  A work procedure can be explicitly removed by calling XtRemoveWorkProc() with the XtWorkProcId returned by this function.

  The XtWorkProcId type is defined as follows:

     typedef unsigned long XtWorkProcId;

See Also
  XtAppNextEvent(1), XtAppProcessEvent(1), XtRemoveWorkProc(1),

Xt - Event Handling														XtAppAddWorkProc()

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