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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Comparing two files using four fields Post 302844188 by NamS on Saturday 17th of August 2013 12:44:30 AM
Old 08-17-2013
Thanks mjf.
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Comparing two files and replacing fields

I have two files with ids and email addresses. File 2 cotains a subset of the records in file 1. The key field is the first field containing the id. file 1: 123| 456| 789| file 2: 456| Where the record appears in the second... (3 Replies)
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Comparing fields in two files

Hi, i want to compare two files by one field say $3 in file1 needs to compare with $2 in file2. sample file1 - reqd_charge_code 2263881188,24570896,439 2263881964,24339077,439 2263883220,22619162,228 2263884224,24631840,442 2263884246,22612161,442 sample file2 - rg_j ... (2 Replies)
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Comparing two files and inserting new fields

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Problem in comparing 2 fields from 2 files

I've 2 files. Need to compare File1.Field1,File1.Field2 with File2.Field1,File2.Field2. If matches then create a new file. File1 10 A|ADB|967143.24|1006101.5 3E HK|DHB|24294.76|242513.89 ABN ACU|ADB|22104.69|51647.14 ABN BU|DBA|39137.14|109128.38 ABN|ADB|64466.89|167936.55 ABOC... (2 Replies)
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comparing two fields from two different files in AWK

Hi, I have two files formatted as following: File 1: (user_num_ID , realID) (the NR here is 41671) 1 cust_034_60 2 cust_80_91 3 cust_406_4 .. .. File 2: (realID , clusterNumber) (total NR here is 1000) cust_034_60 2 cust_406_4 3 .. .. (11 Replies)
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comparing two files for matching fields

I am newbie to unix and would please like some help to solve the task below I have two files, file_a.text and file_b.text that I want to evaluate. file_a.text 1698.74 1711.88 6576.25 899.41 3205.63 4187.98 697.35 1551.83 ... (3 Replies)
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Comparing two files using four fields

I want to compare File1 and File2 (Separated by spaces) using four fields (Column 1,2,4,5). Logic: If column 1 and 2 of File1 and File2 match exactly and if the File2 has the same characters as any of the characters present in column 4 and 5 of file1 then those lines of file1 and file2 are... (1 Reply)
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Need urgent help in comparing two fields in two files

Hi all, I have two files as below. I need to compare field 2 of file 1 against field 1 of file 2 and field 5 of file 1 against filed 2 of file 2. If both matches , then create a result file 1 with first file data and if not matches , then create file with first fie data. Please help me in... (1 Reply)
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Comparing two files by two matching fields

Long time listener first time poster. Hope someone can advise. I have two files, 1000+ lines in each, two fields in each file. After performing a sort, what is the best way to find exact matches where field $1 and $2 in file1 are also present in file2 on the same line, then output only those... (6 Replies)
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JOIN(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   JOIN(1)

join - relational database operator SYNOPSIS
join [-an] [-e s] [-o list] [-tc] file1 file2 DESCRIPTION
Join forms, on the standard output, a join of the two relations specified by the lines of file1 and file2. If file1 is `-', the standard input is used. File1 and file2 must be sorted in increasing ASCII collating sequence on the fields on which they are to be joined, normally the first in each line. There is one line in the output for each pair of lines in file1 and file2 that have identical join fields. The output line normally con- sists of the common field, then the rest of the line from file1, then the rest of the line from file2. Fields are normally separated by blank, tab or newline. In this case, multiple separators count as one, and leading separators are dis- carded. These options are recognized: -an In addition to the normal output, produce a line for each unpairable line in file n, where n is 1 or 2. -e s Replace empty output fields by string s. -o list Each output line comprises the fields specified in list, each element of which has the form n.m, where n is a file number and m is a field number. -tc Use character c as a separator (tab character). Every appearance of c in a line is significant. SEE ALSO
sort(1), comm(1), awk(1). BUGS
With default field separation, the collating sequence is that of sort -b; with -t, the sequence is that of a plain sort. The conventions of join, sort, comm, uniq, look and awk(1) are wildly incongruous. 7th Edition April 29, 1985 JOIN(1)

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