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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Convert rows to columns based on condition Post 302843974 by raj_k on Friday 16th of August 2013 01:54:30 AM
Old 08-16-2013
Thats exactly what i needed
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1. Shell Programming and Scripting

how to convert columns to rows

Hi, I need a shell script for below requirement Input file P1 - 173310 P2 - 173476 P3 - 173230 P4 - 172737 P1 - 173546 P2 - 173765 P3 - 173876 P4 - 172989 Out put file P1 173310 173546 P2 173476 173765 P3 173230 173876 P4 172737 172989 Suresh (6 Replies)
Discussion started by: suresh3566
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

convert columns into rows

hi, Apologies if this has been covered. I have requirement where i have to convert a single column into multiple column. My data will be like this - 2 3 4 5 6 Output required - 2 3 4 5 6 (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: Nishithinfy
1 Replies

3. Shell Programming and Scripting

convert rows to columns

hi, i have the file as below: abc def ghi jkl i want the output as abc,def,ghi,jki please reply, Thanks (4 Replies)
Discussion started by: namitai
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert few columns to rows

Hi! Does anybody help me in converting following data: INPUT looks like this: 20. 100. 30 200. 40. 400. 50. 100. 60. 200. 70. 400. 80. 200. 150. 210. 30. 100. OUTPUT should look like this: 20. 100. 30 200. 40. 400. 50. 100. 60. 200. 70.... (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: lovelinux
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

How to Convert rows in to columns?

Hi Gurus, How to convert rows in to columns using linux shell scripting Input is like (sample.txt) ABC DEF GHI JKL MNO PQR STU VWX YZA BCD output should be (sampleoutput.csv) ABC,DEF,GHI,JKL,MNO PQR,STU,VWX,YZA,BCD (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: infasriniit
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Extracting rows and columns in a matrix based on condition

Hi I have a matrix with n rows and m columns like below example. i want to extract all the pairs with values <200. Input A B C D A 100 206 51 300 B 206 100 72 48 C 351 22 100 198 D 13 989 150 100 Output format A,A:200 A,C:51 B,B:100... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: anurupa777
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert rows to columns

I am looking to print the data in columns and after every 3 words it should be a new row. cat example.out | awk 'END { for (i = 0; ++i < m;) print _;print _ }{ _ = _ x ? _ OFS $1 : $1}' m=1| grep -i INNER I am looking to print in a new line after every 3 words. ... (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: lazydev
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Columns to Rows - Transpose - Special Condition

Hi Friends, Hope all is well. I have an input file like this a gene1 10 b gene1 2 c gene2 20 c gene3 10 d gene4 5 e gene5 6 Steps to reach output. 1. Print unique values of column1 as column of the matrix, which will be a b c (5 Replies)
Discussion started by: jacobs.smith
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert rows to columns

hi folks, I have a sample data like what is shown below: 1,ID=1000 1,Org=CedarparkHospital 1,cn=john 1,sn=doe 1,uid=User001 2,uid=User002 2,ID=2000 2,cn=steve 2,sn=jobs 2,Org=Providence I would like to convert it into the below format: 1,1000,CedarparkHospital,john,doe,User001... (11 Replies)
Discussion started by: vskr72
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Convert rows to columns based on key and count

Team, I am having requirement to convert rows to columns Input is: key ,count, id1, pulse1, id2, pulse2 ,id3, pulse3 12, 2 , 14 , 56 , 15, 65 13, 3, 12, 32, 14, 23, 18, 54 22, 1 , 32, 42 Expected Out put: key, id,pulse 12, 14, 56 12, 15, 65 13 ,12, 32 13, 14 ,23 13, 18 ,54 22 ,32,... (3 Replies)
Discussion started by: syam1406
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XkbResizeKeySyms(3)						   XKB FUNCTIONS					       XkbResizeKeySyms(3)

XkbResizeKeySyms - Change the number of symbols bound to a key SYNOPSIS
KeySym * XkbResizeKeySyms ( xkb, key, needed ) XkbDescRec * xkb; int key; int needed; ARGUMENTS
- xkb keyboard description to be changed - key keycode for key to modify - needed new number of keysyms required for key DESCRIPTION
XkbResizeKeySyms reserves the space needed for needed keysyms and returns a pointer to the beginning of the new array that holds the keysyms. It adjusts the offset field of the key_sym_map entry for the key if necessary and can also change the syms, num_syms, and size_syms fields of xkb->map if it is necessary to reallocate the syms array. XkbResizeKeySyms does not modify either the width or number of groups associated with the key. If needed is greater than the current number of keysyms for the key, XkbResizeKeySyms initializes all new keysyms in the array to NoSymbol. Because the number of symbols needed by a key is normally computed as width * number of groups, and XkbResizeKeySyms does not modify either the width or number of groups for the key, a discrepancy exists upon return from XkbResizeKeySyms between the space allocated for the keysyms and the number required. The unused entries in the list of symbols returned by XkbResizeKeySyms are not preserved across future calls to any of the map editing functions, so you must update the key symbol mapping (which updates the width and number of groups for the key) before calling another allocator function. A call to XkbChangeTypesOfKey will update the mapping. If any allocation errors occur while resizing the number of symbols bound to the key, XkbResizeKeySyms returns NULL. SEE ALSO
XkbChangeTypesOfKey(3), XkbResizeKeyActions(3) NOTES
A change to the number of symbols bound to a key should be accompanied by a change in the number of actions bound to a key. Refer to XkbRe- sizeKeyActions for more information on changing the number of actions bound to a key. X Version 11 libX11 1.2.1 XkbResizeKeySyms(3)

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