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Full Discussion: Lose IP after TL Update
Operating Systems AIX Lose IP after TL Update Post 302843516 by MichaelFelt on Tuesday 13th of August 2013 02:59:03 PM
Old 08-13-2013
I do not believe the activation of the IP stack should be dependent on any application. That said, I did have issues myself, and it came down to things I had done "in innocence", i.e. user error in changes to /etc/inittab and/or /etc/rc.d/* scripts.

In my case I did always get an IP address, just lacked some daemons such as ssh.

Besides rebooting several times to try and observe what was going wrong I also used the output of the command alog -o -t console and alog -o -t boot to read messages from programs to find that missing depenadancy.

Unfortunately, for you, I do not remember the specifics - this was too long ago. But I do recommend checking your alog outputs for hints about what is going on, error messages, etc..

mkdev -l en0; mkdev -l inet0 will do what startup should have done (assuming single interface en0. If more interfaces do them all, then inet0.
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PVCTXCTL(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       PVCTXCTL(8)

pvctxctl -- display or control ATM PVC transmitter parameters SYNOPSIS
pvctxctl interface [[vpi:]vci] pvctxctl interface [vpi:]vci [-n] [-b max-bandwidth] [-j [vpi:]vci] [-p pcr] DESCRIPTION
pvctxctl displays or controls the shaper parameters of an ATM VC. When a shaper value is specified, pvctxctl sets a shaper to an ATM VC. pvctxctl works for a PVC sub interface pvc(4) as well as a real ATM interface en(4). For a real ATM interface, the specified VC should be assigned beforehand by route(8). For a sub interface, pvctxctl assigns the specified VC to the sub interface. If another VC is already assigned to the sub interface, the old VC is invalidated. Availability of shapers, the number of hardware shaper channels, and accuracy of shaping are all device dependent. For example, ENI Midway chip has 8 shaper channels but the driver reserves one for non-shaping VCs. The options are as follows: interface The interface parameter is a string of the form ``name unit'', for example, ``en0''. [vpi:]vci The VC number to which the shaper is assigned. When the VPI number is omitted, VPI number 0 is assumed. For example, to assign a shaper to VPI=0 and VCI=201, the following forms can be used: "201", "0xc9", "0:201", "0:0xc9". -b max-bandwidth The PCR parameter can be specified also in ``bits per second''. The rate is the rate of AAL5 frame and the PCR is calculated by the following form: PCR = max-bandwidth / 8 / 48 ``K'' and ``M'' can be used as a short hand of ``000'' and ``000000'' respectively. For example, ``45M'' means ``45Mbps'' or PCR value ``117187''. -j [vpi:]vci The join parameter is intended for VP shaping. The VC shaper channel is shared with the existing VC, which means the sum of the cell rates never exceeds the maximum PCR among the shared VCs. On the other hand, when the shaper channel is not shared, the sum of the cell rates could be the sum of the PCRs. For example, if two VCs (say 201 and 202) share a 45Mbps VP, use: # pvctxctl en0 201 -b 45M # pvctxctl en0 202 -b 45M -j 201 -n This parameter is only for a sub interface. Use NULL encapsulation instead of LLC/SNAP. -p pcr The PCR (Peak Cell Rate) parameter specifies the peak cell rate in "cells per second". If PCR value "0" is specified, no shaper is assigned, which means cells are sent at full-speed of the link. If PCR value ``-1'' is specified, the corresponding VC is invalidated. SEE ALSO
en(4), ifconfig(8), pvcsif(8), route(8) BUGS
A real ATM interface and a sub interface require different sequences to set a shaper. For example, to assign a 45Mbps shaper to VC 201 (0xc9) of en0: # ifconfig en0 # route add -iface -link en0:3.0.0.c9 # pvctxctl en0 0xc9 -b 45M For a shadow interface, # pvcsif en0 # creates pvc0 # ifconfig pvc0 # pvctxctl pvc0 201 -b 45M BSD
December 29, 1997 BSD

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