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Operating Systems Solaris Explain @(#)cshrc 1.11 89/11/29 SMI Post 302843515 by Don Cragun on Tuesday 13th of August 2013 02:54:46 PM
Old 08-13-2013
It looks like bartus11 has mostly answered your question. It is an sccs (Source Code Control System) ID comment. In this case it says that this script is version 1.11 and was last updated on November 29, 1989. The SMI is for Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Once upon a time, every file that was part of a Solaris system distribution that had a place where a comment could be included contained a line like this. Binary files also contained data like this. You can use the what utility to extract this information from any file that contained the @(#) sccs ID introducer.
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sccs-help(1)							   User Commands						      sccs-help(1)

sccs-help, help - ask for help regarding SCCS error or warning messages SYNOPSIS
/usr/ccs/bin/help [argument...] DESCRIPTION
The help utility retrieves information to further explain errors messages and warnings from SCCS commands. It also provides some informa- tion about SCCS command usage. If no arguments are given, help prompts for one. An argument may be a message number (which normally appears in parentheses following each SCCS error or warning message), or an SCCS com- mand name. help responds with an explanation of the message or a usage line for the command. When all else fails, try `/usr/ccs/bin/help stuck'. FILES
/usr/lib/help directory containing files of message text ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | |Availability |SUNWsprot | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
sccs(1), sccs-admin(1), sccs-cdc(1), sccs-comb(1), sccs-delta(1), sccs-get(1), sccs-prs(1), sccs-prt(1), sccs-rmdel(1), sccs-sact(1), sccs- sccsdiff(1), sccs-unget(1), sccs-val(1), what(1), sccsfile(4), attributes(5) SunOS 5.10 24 Feb 1998 sccs-help(1)

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