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Selenium Integration in Builds

Hi All,

I have this scenario in place:

1. I have checked in Selenium Java files (Test cases) into my usual build and they are getting compiled in .class files.

2. I also have a build.xml which is used to run these tests. It basically has this:

RELEASE_ROOT this has been set to the Java Project folder.

o SRC which defines the source folder of the project

o LIB which defines the lib folder of the project

o BIN which defines the binary folder where the classes needs to be pasted after compiling

o REPORT folder which defines the report folder where the test execution reports will be generated.

3. Now I want to integrate the tests as standard process of the builds.

All i have is a build.xml, java tests. How to achieve it? Thanks in advance

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Any help guys?

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Any Help?
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