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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting awk Group By and count string occurrences Post 302841833 by Royi on Thursday 8th of August 2013 04:20:54 AM
Old 08-08-2013
OMG - You are a genius!!!
Thanks so much!

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count occurrences and substitute with counter

Hi Unix-Experts, I have a textfile with several occurrences of some string XXX. I'd like to count all the occurrences and number them in reverse order. E.g. input: XXX bla XXX foo XXX output: 3 bla 2 foo 1 I tried to achieve this with sed, but failed. Any suggestions? Thanks in... (4 Replies)
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2. Shell Programming and Scripting

Awk-Group count of field

Hi, Suppose if i am having a file with following records as given below. 5555 6756 5555 4555 4555 6767 how can i get the count of each record using AWK. Eg:5555 count should be 2 4555 count should be 2 6767 count should be 1 ... (5 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

Help with Unix and Awk to count number of occurrences

Hi, I have a file (, this file contains list of movies such as I want to redirect the movies from to file_to_process to allow me process the file with out losing anything. I have tried >> file_to_process But I want to add the row number to the data... (2 Replies)
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4. Shell Programming and Scripting

Count occurrences in awk

Hello, I have an output from GDB with many entries that looks like this 0x00007ffff7dece94 39 in dl-fini.c 0x00007ffff7dece97 39 in dl-fini.c 0x00007ffff7ab356c 50 in exit.c 0x00007ffff7aed9db in _IO_cleanup () at genops.c:1022 115 in dl-fini.c 0x00007ffff7decf7b in _dl_sort_fini (l=0x0,... (6 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

How to count occurrences in a specific column

Hi, I need help to count the number of occurrences in $3 of file1.txt. I only know how to count by checking one by one and the code is like this: awk '$3 ~ /aku hanya poyo/ {++c} END {print c}' FS="\t" file1.txt But this is not wise to do as i have hundreds of different occurrences in that... (10 Replies)
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6. Shell Programming and Scripting

Speed : awk command to count the occurrences of fields from one file present in the other file

Hi, file1.txt AAA BBB CCC DDD file2.txt abc|AAA|AAAabcbcs|fnwufnq bca|nwruqf|AAA|fwfwwefwef fmimwe|BBB|fnqwufw|wufbqw wcdbi|CCC|wefnwin|wfwwf DDD|wabvfav|wqef|fwbwqfwfe i need the count of rows of file1.txt present in the file2.txt required output: AAA 2 (10 Replies)
Discussion started by: mdkm
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7. Shell Programming and Scripting

Count occurrences in first column

input amex-11 10 abc amex-11 20 bcn amed-12 1 abc I tried something like this. awk '{h++}; END { for(k in h) print k, h }' rm1 output amex-11 1 10 abc amex-11 1 20 bcn amed-12 2 1 abc Note: The second column represents the occurrences. amex-11 is first one and amed-12 is the... (5 Replies)
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Count the number of string occurrences to display 0 entries in output

Hello Friends, Can somebody assist an issue I am having? I have a separate file with a list of account ids XXX200B02Y01 XXX200B03Y01 XXX200B05Y01 XXX200B07Y01 XXX200B08Y01 I call the file, and run an egrep against a directory and logfiles AccountID=$(cat... (2 Replies)
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9. UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers

awk or sed script to count number of occurrences and creating an average

Hi Friends , I am having one problem as stated file . Having an input CSV file as shown in the code U_TOP_LOGIC/U_HPB2/U_HBRIDGE2/i_core/i_paddr_reg_2_/Q,1,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,1,1,0,0,0,0... (4 Replies)
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cosTime(3erl)						     Erlang Module Definition						     cosTime(3erl)

cosTime - The main module of the cosTime application DESCRIPTION
To get access to the record definitions for the structures use: -include_lib("cosTime/include/*.hrl"). This module contains the functions for starting and stopping the application. This application use the time base 15 october 1582 00:00 . Performing operations using other time bases will not yield correct result. The OMG CosTime specification defines the operation secure_universal_time . As of today we cannot provide this functionality considering the criteria demanded to fulfill the OMG specification. When using this application, time and inaccuracy supplied by the user must be given in number of 100 nano seconds . The Time Displacement Factor is positive east of the meridian, while those to the west are negative. This application use calender:now_to_universal_time(Now) to create a UTC. Hence, the underlying OS must deliver a correct result when call- ing erlang:now() . When determining the inaccuracy of the system, the user should consider the way the time objects will be used. Communicating with other ORB's, add a substantial overhead and should be taken into consideration. EXPORTS
install_time() -> Return Types Return = ok | {'EXIT', Reason} This operation installs the cosTime Time Service part application. uninstall_time() -> Return Types Return = ok | {'EXIT', Reason} This operation uninstalls the cosTime Time Service part application. install_timerevent() -> Return Types Return = ok | {'EXIT', Reason} This operation installs the cosTime Timer Event Service part application. Note: The Timer Event Service part requires Time Service part and cosEvent or the cosNotification application to be installed first. uninstall_timerevent() -> Return Types Return = ok | {'EXIT', Reason} This operation uninstalls the cosTime Timer Event Service part application. start() -> Return Types Return = ok | {error, Reason} This operation starts the cosTime application. stop() -> Return Types Return = ok | {error, Reason} This operation stops the cosTime application. start_time_service(Tdf, Inaccuracy) -> Return Types Tdf = short() Inaccuracy = ulonglong(), eq. #100 nano seconds Return = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'BAD_PARAM'{}} This operation starts a Time Service server. Please note that there may only be exactly one Time Service active at a time. The Inac- curacy parameter defines the inaccuracy the underlying OS will introduce. Remember to take into account latency when passing time object between nodes. stop_time_service(TimeService) -> ok Types TimeService = #objref This operation stops the Time Service object. start_timerevent_service(TimeService) -> ok Types TimeService = #objref This operation starts a Timer Event Service server. Please note that there may only be exactly one Timer Event Service per node active at a time. The supplied TimeServcie reference will be the object Timer Event Service contacts to get access to a new UTC. stop_timerevent_service(TimerEventService) -> ok Types TimerEventService = #objref This operation stops the Timer Event Service object. Ericsson AB cosTime 1.1.10 cosTime(3erl)

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