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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need to print duplicate row along with highest version of original Post 302829697 by Yoda on Friday 5th of July 2013 03:42:55 PM
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print A[T[n]], T[n], "IS DUPLICATE OF \"" M[T[n]], T[n] "\""

print T[1], T[n], "IS DUPLICATE OF \"" M[T[n]], T[n] "\""

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Cygwin's default package selection is quite small, containing little more than the bash shell and the core file manipulation utilities expected of a Unix command line.
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DB2_RESULT(3)								 1							     DB2_RESULT(3)

db2_result - Returns a single column from a row in the result set

mixed db2_result (resource $stmt, mixed $column) DESCRIPTION
Use db2_result(3) to return the value of a specified column in the current row of a result set. You must call db2_fetch_row(3) before calling db2_result(3) to set the location of the result set pointer. PARAMETERS
o $stmt - A valid stmt resource. o $column - Either an integer mapping to the 0-indexed field in the result set, or a string matching the name of the column. RETURN VALUES
Returns the value of the requested field if the field exists in the result set. Returns NULL if the field does not exist, and issues a warning. EXAMPLES
Example #1 A db2_result(3) example The following example demonstrates how to iterate through a result set with db2_fetch_row(3) and retrieve columns from the result set with db2_result(3). <?php $sql = 'SELECT name, breed FROM animals WHERE weight < ?'; $stmt = db2_prepare($conn, $sql); db2_execute($stmt, array(10)); while (db2_fetch_row($stmt)) { $name = db2_result($stmt, 0); $breed = db2_result($stmt, 'BREED'); print "$name $breed"; } ?> The above example will output: cat Pook gold fish Bubbles budgerigar Gizmo goat Rickety Ride SEE ALSO
db2_fetch_array(3), db2_fetch_assoc(3), db2_fetch_both(3), db2_fetch_object(3), db2_fetch_row(3). PHP Documentation Group DB2_RESULT(3)

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