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Special Forums Hardware Boot Loaders Where to get windows 7 iso file of repair? Post 302809239 by ravisingh on Sunday 19th of May 2013 12:57:16 AM
After long I was able to download wndows 7 32 bit repair iso file (mine is 32 bit). I tried the below 2 methods but to no avail:

1) I used Unetbootin to prepare a bootable usb. I rebooted and did the reqd. BIOS and entered the usb to boot. But there only one menu was there named "default". And I was not able to proceed ahead. Even after clicking enter again and again i was still on the same screen.

2) Then I used Windows 7 usb/dvd download tool. I selected the iso file and pressed next. But message comes: Invalid iso file. Please see screen shot.

I downloaded the iso from the below link:
Create a Windows 7 System Repair Disc — MAXIMUMpcguides – Windows 7 tips, tricks, help, and how-to guides

I got the info. regarding the tool I used (windows 7 usb/dvd download tool) from :
Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool - Home
(though this webpage mentions about the windows 7 iso file but somewhere I had read to use this tool and download windows 7 recovery file iso to be used in that tool)

I have spent quite a time to get my windows usb repair but yet couldn't succeed. Based on this I have other works pending, so request is one can resolve it.
Is there any way to check that the iso file of windows 7 recovery I downloaded is proper or not?
Where to get windows 7 iso file of repair?-windows-7-usb-dvd-download-toolpng
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Log::Report::Win32Locale(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			     Log::Report::Win32Locale(3pm)

Log::Report::Win32Locale - unix/windows locales INHERITANCE
Log::Report::Win32Locale is a Exporter DESCRIPTION
Windows uses different locales to represent languages: codepages. Programs which are written with Log::Report however, will contain ISO encoded language names; this module translates between them. The algorithms in this module are based on Win32::Locale and Win32::Codepage. FUNCTIONS
charset_encoding Returns the encoding name (usable with module Encode) based on the current codepage. For example, "cp1252" for iso-8859-1 (latin-1) or "cp932" for Shift-JIS Japanese. Returns undef if the encoding cannot be identified. codepage_to_iso(CODEPAGE) Translate windows CODEPAGE into ISO code. The CODEPAGE is numeric or a hex string like '0x0304'. iso_locale([CODEPAGE]) Returns the ISO string for the Microsoft codepage locale. Might return "undef"/false. By default, the actual codepage is used. iso_to_codepage(ISO) Returns the numeric value of the codepage. The ISO may look like this: "xx_YY". Then, first the "xx_YY" is looked-up. If that does not exist, "xx" is tried. ms_codepage_id Returns the numeric language ID for the current codepage language. For example, the numeric value for 0x0409 for "en-US", and 0x0411 for "ja". Returns false if the codepage cannot be identified. ms_install_codepage_id Returns the numeric language ID for the installed codepage language. This is like ms_codepage_id(), but refers to the codepage that was the default when Windows was first installed. ms_locale Returns the locale setting from the control panel. SYNOPSYS
# Only usable on Windows print codepage_to_iso(0x0413); # nl-NL print iso_to_codepage('nl_NL'); # 1043 printf "%x", iso_to_codepage('nl_NL'); # 413 my $iso = iso_locale(ms_codepage_id()); my $iso = iso_locale; # same print charset_encoding; # cp1252 print ms_codepage_id; # 1043 print ms_install_codepage_id; # 1043 print ms_locale; # Dutch (Netherlands) SEE ALSO
This module is part of Log-Report distribution version 0.94, built on August 23, 2011. Website: LICENSE
Copyrights 2007-2011 by Mark Overmeer. For other contributors see ChangeLog. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perl v5.14.2 2011-08-23 Log::Report::Win32Locale(3pm)

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