"On Linux, Putty Log is not WYSIWYG like the screen?"

Post #302802125 by newbie_01 on Friday 3rd of May 2013 02:40:05 AM

On Linux, Putty Log is not WYSIWYG like the screen?

Hi all,

I am not sure if this is a known issue. I am using Putty and logging the session into a log, only the printable one.

On Solaris, all is working fine. But on Linux servers, Redhat or Suse, while the screen looks correct, the log file is not.

Note example below:

On the screen, it looks as below, I copy-and-paste direct from the screen.

- SuSE:
RUNTIME              TABLESPACE_NAME                STATUS
-------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:15:20 SYSTEM                         ONLINE
- RedHat:
RUNTIME                       TABLESPACE_NAME                STATUS
----------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:13:45          SYSAUX                         ONLINE
03-MAY-2013 18:13:45          SYSTEM                         ONLINE
- Solaris:
RUNTIME              TABLESPACE_NAME                STATUS
-------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:13:49 SYSTEM                         ONLINE

But on the PuTTY log, it shows as below:

- SuSE
-------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:19:34 SYSTEM    ONLINE
- RedHat
----------------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:13:45      SYSAUX     ONLINE
03-MAY-2013 18:13:45      SYSTEM     ONLINE
- Solaris:
RUNTIME              TABLESPACE_NAME                STATUS
-------------------- ------------------------------ ---------
03-MAY-2013 18:13:49 SYSTEM                         ONLINE

On the PuTTY logging, I choose Printable Output only. If I change the Linux ones to do All session output, then it all lines up perfectly. Unfortunately, choosing All session output gives a lot of other garbage, i.e. special characters, in the log file.

Is there some settings on Linux that I have to do to get around this problem? TERM on all OS'es are set to vt100.

Any advise/tips much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Agent::Driver::Fork(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Agent::Driver::Fork(3pm)

Log::Agent::Driver::Fork - dummy driver for forking output to multiple drivers SYNOPSIS
use Log::Agent; require Log::Agent::Driver::Fork; require Log::Agent::Driver::Foo; require Log::Agent::Driver::Bar; my $driver = Log::Agent::Driver::Fork->make( Log::Agent::Driver::Foo->make( ... ), Log::Agent::Driver::Bar->make( ... ) ); logconfig(-driver => $driver); DESCRIPTION
This driver merely acts a multiplexer for logxxx() calls, duplicating them and distributing them to other drivers. The only routine of interest here is the creation routine: make(@drivers) Create a Log::Agent::Driver::Fork driver that duplicates logxxx() calls and distributes them to the drivers in @drivers. The arguments must be the return value of the make() call for the client drivers. NOTES
Many thanks go to Daniel Lundin and Jason May who proposed this module independently. Eventually, logconfig() will support multiple drivers directly. But, for now, this solution requires no change to the existing interface. AUTHOR
Mark Rogaski <mrogaski@pobox.com> LICENSE
Copyright (C) 2002 Mark Rogaski; all rights reserved. See Log::Agent(3) or the README file included with the distribution for license information. SEE ALSO
Log::Agent::Driver(3), Log::Agent(3). perl v5.10.0 2009-07-23 Agent::Driver::Fork(3pm)

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