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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Not authenticating in apache server site for a folder Post 302789407 by redhatlbug on Wednesday 3rd of April 2013 03:19:01 PM
Old 04-03-2013
RedHat Not authenticating in apache server site for a folder

hi ,

Im configuring web site with authencation to a folder but the authentication is not happening.
below is the conf file of /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

     DocumentRoot /var/www/html/

<directory /var/www/html/testing>
AuthType basic
AuthName "warning"
AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/.testing
Require valid-user


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rmf(1mh)																  rmf(1mh)

       rmf - remove folder

       rmf [ +folder ] [ -help ] [ -[no]interactive ]

       The  command  removes all of the messages within the current folder, and then removes the folder itself.  If there are any files within the
       folder which are not part of MH, they are not removed, and an error message is displayed.

       You can specify a folder other than the current folder by using the +folder argument.  If you do not specify a folder, and cannot find  the
       current folder, asks you whether you want to delete instead.

       If the current folder is removed, it makes current.

       Note that the command irreversibly deletes messages that do not have other links, so use it with caution.

       If  the folder being removed is a sub-folder, the parent folder becomes the new current folder, and tells you that this has happened.  This
       provides an easy mechanism for selecting a set of messages, operating on the list, then removing the list  and  returning  to  the  current
       folder from which the list was extracted.

       Using to delete a read-only folder deletes the private sequence and current message information from the file, without affecting the folder
       itself.	If you have sub-folders within a folder, you must delete all the sub-folders before you can delete the folder itself.

       -help	 Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

		 Asks for confirmation before deleting a folder.  By default, deletes a folder and its messages without asking	for  confirmation.
		 If  you  specify  the	-interactive option, asks if you are sure before deleting the folder.  You are advised to use this option,
		 since when deletes a folder its contents are lost irretrievably.

       This example shows how asks for confirmation when the -interactive option is used:
       % rmf -interactive +test
       Remove folder "test"? y

Profile Components
       Path:   To determine the user's Mail directory

       The user profile.

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