"How To Use sed To Remove Text Between '/*'?"

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Originally Posted by Korn0474
Alister, you're amazing. Smilie

Can you do me one more favor and explain the syntax to me so I'll know for next time?
After that characterization, how can I refuse. Smilie

You are correct in your original post when you say that / and * are both special to sed. However, sed's substitution command allows us to choose a delimiter other than /. For example, the following two commands are functionally identical, each replaces every occurrence of foo with bar:
sed 's/foo/bar/g'
sed 's|foo|bar|g'

In the second instance, I chose a pipe symbol, |, instead of the forward slash. The benefit of this choice is that if we need to use literal forward slashes within the s command, we don't have to precede them with a backslash. To change a/c to d/c, first with the default delimiter and then with the pipe symbol instead:
sed 's/a\/c/d\/c/g'
sed 's|a/c|d/c|g'

If you can imagine the number of forward slashes in something like a url (http://domain/dir/file), using a different delimiter can improve readability of the command.

While I chose a pipe in those examples, you can choose any character you like except a newline or a backslash. Whatever character you choose, you can still use it within the command, but you'll have to precede it with a backslash.

Breaking down the /\*[^*]*\*/ regular expression:
/\*: forward slash followed by a literal asterisk (which needs to be backslashed since it's normally a special character)
[^*]*: The expression in brackets means anything except an asterisk (which does not have to be backslashed because special characters are not special within the bracket expression). The asterisk that follows the closing bracket is indeed special. As a whole, this fragment means zero or more non-asterisks. This is used to ensure that we don't go past the end of the comment, which ends with a */ sequence.
\*/: This matches the */ sequence at the end of the comment. Backslash escape the asterisk so it's taken literally and follow it with the forward slash (which isn't special here and does not require a preceding backslash because we're using the pipe as a delimiter).


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Originally Posted by Yoda

/ - Begin search pattern

/ - End search pattern
Thank you for helping with the explanation, Yoda. If I had known you were there, I would've saved myself some time. However, you misinterpreted the slashes at the beginning and the end. They are literal characters. The pipes delimit the regular expression.


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