Operating Systems Solaris Can we configure link based IPMP in private connectivity in Oracle RAC Post 302771045 by DGPickett on Tuesday 19th of February 2013 11:56:00 AM
Actually, it will take about 3.2 seconds on average coax, because it does not propagate at full light speed.

When at Honeywell, the IRS bought additional one microsecond cycle core memory for their H-2050 from Cambridge Memories. Somehow someone made some parallel interface cables with slower dialectrics or different effective conducter diameters: slow coax! While they did not exceed cable length, the timing was too late. As my friend Jasper Farrington told them, 9 nanoseconds late is still late. Late means broken.

The ARRL Handbook I perused throught my youth ARRL Handbook 2013 had interesting tables on how much to shorten an antenna from the nominal quarter wave length for different conductor diameters and such. Interestingly, a quarter wave whip over a ground plane is 75 ohms like many flavors of coax, and a half wave antenna with the ends connected together is 300 ohms, so you can make a nice antenna from 300 ohm flat lead, shorting the ends and attaching the 300 ohm feed in the middle, or sometimes a little off middle to widen the banwidth for shorter and longer half waves. You see this on a lot of FM sets, where the 100 MHZ into 300 million meters per second gives you a 1.5 meter antenna, but a bit shorter as the propagation is a bit slow. These work on VHF tv as well, as FM is adjacent to channel 6, which many FM radios can hear at the bottom.
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Session::Oracle(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					Session::Oracle(3)

Apache::Session::Oracle - An implementation of Apache::Session SYNOPSIS
use Apache::Session::Oracle; #if you want Apache::Session to open new DB handles: tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Oracle', $id, { DataSource => 'dbi:Oracle:sessions', UserName => $db_user, Password => $db_pass, Commit => 1 }; #or, if your handles are already opened: tie %hash, 'Apache::Session::Oracle', $id, { Handle => $dbh, Commit => 1 }; DESCRIPTION
This module is an implementation of Apache::Session. It uses the Oracle backing store and no locking. See the example, and the documentation for Apache::Session::Store::Oracle for more details. USAGE
The special Apache::Session argument for this module is Commit. You MUST provide the Commit argument, which instructs this module to either commit the transaction when it is finished, or to simply do nothing. This feature is provided so that this module will not have adverse interactions with your local transaction policy, nor your local database handle caching policy. The argument is mandatory in order to make you think about this problem. This module also respects the LongReadLen argument, which specifies the maximum size of the session object. If not specified, the default maximum is 8 KB. AUTHOR
This module was written by Jeffrey William Baker <jwbaker@acm.org>. SEE ALSO
Apache::Session::File, Apache::Session::Flex, Apache::Session::DB_File, Apache::Session::Postgres, Apache::Session perl v5.12.1 2007-09-28 Session::Oracle(3)

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