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Full Discussion: Blade 1500 Silver
UNIX Standards and Benchmarks UNIX & LINUX Benchmarks (Version 3.11) UNIX Benchmarks Blade 1500 Silver Post 302769704 by MadeInGermany on Wednesday 13th of February 2013 05:40:48 AM
Old 02-13-2013
Blade 1500 Silver

CPU/Speed: UltraSPARC-IIIi/1.5Ghz
Ram: 1GB
Motherboard: Sparc
Bus: PCI
Disk: ATA
Load:       1 user
Kernel: SunOS 5.10 Generic_137111-02
Kernel ELF?:    yes
pgms:       gcc 2.95.3 compiled

    BYTE UNIX Benchmarks (Version 3.11)
  System -- SunOS aachen95 5.10 Generic_137111-02 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1500
  Start Benchmark Run: Tue Feb 12 18:36:33 MET 2013
   10 interactive users.
Dhrystone 2 without register variables   2368680.4 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Dhrystone 2 using register variables     2138532.7 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = arithoh)         3047742.0 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = register)        145400.3 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = short)           126624.1 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = int)             143236.6 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = long)            157815.3 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = float)           444529.1 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Arithmetic Test (type = double)          407111.3 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
System Call Overhead Test                247231.5 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Pipe Throughput Test                     350931.2 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Pipe-based Context Switching Test         82263.6 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Process Creation Test                       934.4 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)
Execl Throughput Test                       273.1 lps   (9 secs, 6 samples)
File Read  (10 seconds)                  711424.0 KBps  (10 secs, 6 samples)
File Write (10 seconds)                    1000.0 KBps  (10 secs, 6 samples)
File Copy  (10 seconds)                    1004.0 KBps  (10 secs, 6 samples)
File Read  (30 seconds)                  672526.0 KBps  (30 secs, 6 samples)
File Write (30 seconds)                    1000.0 KBps  (30 secs, 6 samples)
File Copy  (30 seconds)                     977.0 KBps  (30 secs, 6 samples)
C Compiler Test                             106.3 lpm   (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (1 concurrent)                405.6 lpm   (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (2 concurrent)                233.7 lpm   (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (4 concurrent)                118.2 lpm   (60 secs, 3 samples)
Shell scripts (8 concurrent)                 54.4 lpm   (60 secs, 3 samples)
Dc: sqrt(2) to 99 decimal places          15156.7 lpm   (60 secs, 6 samples)
Recursion Test--Tower of Hanoi            46156.3 lps   (10 secs, 6 samples)

                     INDEX VALUES            
TEST                                        BASELINE     RESULT      INDEX

Arithmetic Test (type = double)               2541.7   407111.3      160.2
Dhrystone 2 without register variables       22366.3  2368680.4      105.9
Execl Throughput Test                           16.5      273.1       16.6
File Copy  (30 seconds)                        179.0      977.0        5.5
Pipe-based Context Switching Test             1318.5    82263.6       62.4
Shell scripts (8 concurrent)                     4.0       54.4       13.6
     SUM of  6 items                                                 364.1
     AVERAGE                                                          60.7

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volcheck(1)							   User Commands						       volcheck(1)

volcheck - checks for media in a drive and by default checks all floppy media SYNOPSIS
volcheck [-v] [-i secs] [-t secs] pathname DESCRIPTION
The volcheck utility tells Volume Management to look at each dev/pathname in sequence and determine if new media has been inserted in the drive. The default action is to volcheck all checkable media managed by volume management. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -i secs Set the frequency of device checking to secs seconds. The default is 2 seconds. The minimum frequency is 1 second. -t secs Check the named device(s) for the next secs seconds. The maximum number of seconds allowed is 28800, which is 8 hours. The fre- quency of checking is specified by -i. There is no default total time. -v Verbose. OPERANDS
The following operands are supported: pathname The path name of a media device. EXAMPLES
Example 1: A sample of the volcheck command. The following example example% volcheck -v /dev/diskette /dev/diskette has media asks Volume Management to examine the floppy drive for new media. The following example example% volcheck -i 2 -t 600 /dev/diskette1 & asks Volume Management if there is a floppy in the floppy drive every 2 seconds for 600 seconds (10 minutes). FILES
/dev/volctl Volume Management control port ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWvolu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
eject(1), volcancel(1), volmissing(1) rmmount(1M), vold(1M), rmmount.conf(4), vold.conf(4), attributes(5), volfs(7FS) WARNINGS
Due to a hardware limitation in many floppy drives, the act of checking for media causes mechanical action in the floppy drive. Continu- ous polling of the floppy drive will cause the drive to wear out. It is recommended that polling the drive only be performed during periods of high use. SunOS 5.10 21 Feb 1997 volcheck(1)

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