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Looping not completing in shell script

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Looping not completing in shell script.
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Looping not completing in shell script


Iam using below code to login to servers to get cpu utilisation. but output is coming for only one server. code is below
HTML Code:
root@blr-svr-oclan-01 # more SSSC_CPU_UTIL1.sh
while read line; do
IDLE=`/usr/local/bin/sshpass -p 'xxx' ssh xxx@$line 'sar 2 2' | grep Average | cut -c38-40`
USAGE=`expr 100 - $IDLE`
echo $USAGE
done< sssc_ips.txt

HTML Code:
root@blr-svr-oclan-01 # more sssc_ips.txt
HTML Code:
root@blr-svr-oclan-01 # sh  SSSC_CPU_UTIL1.sh sssc_ips.txt
output is coming as below
HTML Code:
sample output of command sar 2 2 is given below

root@blr-svr-netap-01 # sar 2 2

HTML Code:
SunOS blr-svr-netap-01 5.10 Generic_137111-08 sun4u    02/11/2013

16:52:16    %usr    %sys    %wio   %idle
16:52:18      52       5       0      43
16:52:20      53       5       0      42

Average       53       5       0      42
please help to get the output for all servers and ip address of servers in output