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Error occurred while making the net-snmp 5.4.4 on Solaris 5.10 version.


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Error occurred while making the net-snmp 5.4.4 on Solaris 5.10 version..
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It looks like it is substituting 'false' (returns an error every time and does nothing) for the archiving command 'ar' that builds .a files from .o files:
false cru .libs/libnetsnmp.a snmp_client.o mib.o parse.o snmp_api.o snmp.o snmp_auth.o asn1.o md5.o snmp_parse_args.o system.o vacm.o int64.o read_config.o pkcs.o snmp_debug.o \
 tools.o snmp_logging.o text_utils.o snmpv3.o lcd_time.o keytools.o file_utils.o scapi.o callback.o default_store.o snmp_alarm.o data_list.o oid_stash.o fd_event_manager.o mt_support.o \
 snmp_enum.o snmp-tc.o snmp_service.o snprintf.o strlcpy.o strtol.o strtoul.o strtok_r.o snmp_transport.o snmpUDPDomain.o snmpTCPDomain.o snmpUnixDomain.o snmpCallbackDomain.o \
 snmp_secmod.o snmpusm.o snmp_version.o check_varbind.o container.o container_binary_array.o container_null.o container_list_ssll.o container_iterator.o cmu_compat.o ucd_compat.o
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `libnetsnmp.la'

Not sure where the la comes in.