"Navigating directories with * / . and .."

Post #302758315 by bloodrule on Friday 18th of January 2013 10:53:32 PM

Navigating directories with * / . and ..

I would be very happy (after a lot of fruitless searching) if someone could explain the meaning of these variations on the ls command:

ls */
ls */.
ls */./

I understand the basic use of ls already eg ls -al but am wanting to list from different points in the file structure without having to leave the directory I am in and my experimenting has left me confused.

Also in the examples above what is the correct term for the characters after the "ls"? Are they correctly called operators? Or is that the wrong term?

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STOREBACKUPSEARCH(1)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      STOREBACKUPSEARCH(1)

storeBackupSearch.pl - locates different versions of a file saved with storeBackup.pl. SYNOPSIS
storeBackupSearch.pl -g configFile storeBackupSearch.pl -b backupDirDir [-f configFile] [-s rule] [--absPath] [-w file] [--parJobs number] [-d level] [--once] [--print] [backupRoot . . .] DESCRIPTION
You need some basic understanding of linux and perl to use it. OPTIONS
--generate, -g generate a config file --print print configuration read from configuration file and stop --configFile, -f configuration file (instead of or additionally to parameters) --backupDir backupDirDir, -b backupDirDir top level directory of all backups --searchRule, -s rule for searching see README: 'including / excluding files and directories' --absPath, -a write result with absolute path names --writeToFile, -w write search result also to file --parJobs, -p number of parallel jobs, default = chosen automatically --debug, -d debug level, possible values are 0, 1, 2, default = 0 --once, -o show every file found only once (depending on md5 sum) backupRoot Root directories of backups where to search relative to backupDir. If no directories are specified, all backups below backupDir are chosen. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2008-2009 by Heinz-Josef Claes (see README). Published under the GNU General Public License v3 or any later version perl v5.14.2 2012-06-16 STOREBACKUPSEARCH(1)

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