Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Copy down remote files and rename them to include the server name with full path Post 302756189 by asnatlas on Tuesday 15th of January 2013 03:19:09 PM

I had to add " " around the $server:$filepath for some reason.

while read server filepath
   scp "$server:$filepath" $server${filepath//\//_}
done < new.list

Without the " " I was getting scp SERVER /path/path/file (No such file or directory)

Once I updated it to "$server:$filepath" I would get scp SERVER:/path/path/file

Thanks again for your help Smilie

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I was getting the following error on some of the servers because I was using sudo find:

sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

I just added ssh -t and that appears to have fixed it Smilie
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smd-client(1)						 Sync Mail Dir (smd) documentation					     smd-client(1)

smd-client - receives diffs and performs actions SYNOPSIS
smd-client [-v|--verbose] [-d|--dry-run] [-t|--translator] [-l|--local-sync] [--rename-only] [--override-db dbf] endpoint mailboxes DESCRIPTION
smd-client needs to know a name (endpoint) for the client (that must not be used by others) and a list of mailboxes (directories). smd-client waits on stdin a mail dir diff. It attempts to execute these actions, eventually asking data printing commands on stdout and expecting the data on stdin. OPTIONS
-t --translator Specify a program to translate remote mailbox names to local ones. Note that the translator 'cat' (the identity program) is opti- mized away -l --local-sync Local synchronization, no changes is made to the db-file since smd-server takes care of it --rename-only Do not synchronize the mailboxes but generate the script '~/' to uniform the files names in the mailbox --override-db dbf Use dbf as the db-file -v --verbose Increase program verbosity (printed on stderr) -d --dry-run Do not perform any action for real NOTES
smd-client is a low level utility. You should use higher level tools like smd-pull(1) and smd-push(1) SEE ALSO
mddiff(1), smd-server(1), smd-pull(1), smd-push(1) AUTHOR
Enrico Tassi <> 11 June 2012 smd-client(1)

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