Operating Systems Linux Favorite Synchronizers for Win & Linux Post 302746487 by siegfried on Wednesday 19th of December 2012 01:01:59 PM
Favorite Synchronizers for Win & Linux

I'm looking for a new file/directory synchronizer.
I've been using unison because it works on both windows and linux.

However, it often chokes on the very long directory paths and file names I encounter when backing up eclipse and eclipse workspace directories. I suppose one could argue that I should not be backing up eclipse directories because I could just download a new executable. However, when I get a eclipse implementation properly configured, I'd like to save it.

Can anyone recommend a synchronizer like unison that works for both windows and linux and long file names that can be run from a command line as well as a GUI?

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JH_SETUPENVIRONMENT(1)						    Javahelper						    JH_SETUPENVIRONMENT(1)

jh_setupenvironment - Prepares a build environment to compile an eclipse feature. SYNOPSIS
jh_setupenvironment [debhelperoptions] [--pde-build-dir=dir] [copy[...]] DESCRIPTION
jh_setupenvironment is a javahelper program that handles creating an environment for building an eclipse feature. It does not setup an orbit dir (use jh_generateorbitdir for that). It will copy files specified in debian/eclipse.environment as well as those given on command line into the environment dir. If no files are given per command line and the environment file is not present (or is empty), it will default to "org.eclipse.*" FILES
debian/eclipse.environment List of file- and directory glob patterns to copy into the build environment. OPTIONS
--pde-build-dir=dir Specifies where the environment should be or is placed. --clean If passed, jh_setupenvironment will clean up the build environment. When cleaning jh_setupenvironment will not record itself in the debhelper log to avoid confusing dh, when it has to use the log to trace where it was. EXAMPLE
jh_setupenvironment org.eclipse.* debian/*.properties Will clone all files and folders starting with "org.eclipse." and all property files in the debian-folder and put them into the environment. SEE ALSO
debhelper(7) This program is a part of javahelper and uses debhelper as backend. There are also tutorials in /usr/share/doc/javahelper. AUTHOR
Niels Thykier <niels@thykier.net> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright 2010 by Niels Thykier This tool is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of GNU GPL 2. 0.43 2011-02-17 JH_SETUPENVIRONMENT(1)

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