"How do I merge multiple columns into one column?"

Post #302745801 by Scott on Tuesday 18th of December 2012 05:28:57 AM

$ xargs -n1 < file

To write it to a new file
$ xargs -n1 < file > newfile

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GIT-COLUMN(1)							    Git Manual							     GIT-COLUMN(1)

git-column - Display data in columns SYNOPSIS
git column [--command=<name>] [--[raw-]mode=<mode>] [--width=<width>] [--indent=<string>] [--nl=<string>] [--padding=<n>] DESCRIPTION
This command formats its input into multiple columns. OPTIONS
--command=<name> Look up layout mode using configuration variable column.<name> and column.ui. --mode=<mode> Specify layout mode. See configuration variable column.ui for option syntax. --raw-mode=<n> Same as --mode but take mode encoded as a number. This is mainly used by other commands that have already parsed layout mode. --width=<width> Specify the terminal width. By default git column will detect the terminal width, or fall back to 80 if it is unable to do so. --indent=<string> String to be printed at the beginning of each line. --nl=<N> String to be printed at the end of each line, including newline character. --padding=<N> The number of spaces between columns. One space by default. AUTHOR
Written by Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <pclouds@gmail.com[1]> GIT
Part of the git(1) suite NOTES
1. pclouds@gmail.com mailto:pclouds@gmail.com Git 01/14/2014 GIT-COLUMN(1)

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