Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Triggering remote UNIX shell script from Remote desktop Post 302741871 by navsan on Monday 10th of December 2012 05:50:29 AM
Triggering remote UNIX shell script from Remote desktop

I m trying to run a batch script in remote desktop which executes unix commands on the unix server...the problem is i wnt the output in HTML in my batch script i m giving the cmd like
ssh hostname path ksh HC_Report.ksh>out.html

...but it generates the HTML file in
remote desktop .i wnt the same cmd(ksh HC_Report.ksh>out.html) to be executed on unix server..s der any possibilities????

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ganeti-listrunner(8)						   Version 2.5.2					      ganeti-listrunner(8)

ganeti-listrunner - Run commands in parallel over multiple machines SYNOPSIS
ganeti-listrunner -l logdir {-x executable | -c shell-cmd} {-f hostfile | -h hostlist} [-a aux-file] [-b batch-size] [-u username] [-A] DESCRIPTION
ganeti-listrunner is a tool to run commands in parallel over multiple machines. It differs from dsh or other tools in that it asks for the password once (if not using ssh-agent) and then reuses the password to connect to all machines, thus being easily usable even when public key authentication or Kerberos authentication is not available. It can run either a command or a script (which gets uploaded first and deleted after execution) on a list of hosts provided either via a file (one host per line) or as a comma-separated list on the commandline. The output (stdout and stderr are merged) of the remote execution is written to a logfile. One logfile per host is written. OPTIONS
The options that can be passed to the program are as follows: -l logdir The directory under which the logfiles files should be written. -x executable The executable to copy and run on the target hosts. -c shell-cmd The shell command to run on the remote hosts. -f hostfile The file with the target hosts, one hostname per line. -h hostlist Comma-separated list of target hosts. -a aux-file A file to copy to the target hosts. Can be given multiple times, in which case all files will be copied to the temporary directory. The executable or the shell command will be run from the (temporary) directory where these files have been copied. -b batch-size The host list will be split into batches of batch-size which will be processed in parallel. The default if 15, and should be increased if faster processing is needed. -u username Username to connect as instead of the default root username. -A Use an existing ssh-agent instead of password authentication. --args Arguments to pass to executable (-x). EXIT STATUS
The exist status of the command will be zero, unless it was aborted in some way (e.g. ^C). EXAMPLE
Run a command on a list of hosts: listrunner -l logdir -c "uname -a" -h host1,host2,host3 Upload a script, some auxiliary files and run the script: listrunner -l logdir -x -a seed.dat -a golden.dat -h host1,host2,host3 SEE ALSO
dsh(1), cssh(1) REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to project website ( or contact the developers using the Ganeti mailing list (ganeti@google- SEE ALSO
Ganeti overview and specifications: ganeti(7) (general overview), ganeti-os-interface(7) (guest OS definitions). Ganeti commands: gnt-cluster(8) (cluster-wide commands), gnt-job(8) (job-related commands), gnt-node(8) (node-related commands), gnt- instance(8) (instance commands), gnt-os(8) (guest OS commands), gnt-group(8) (node group commands), gnt-backup(8) (instance import/export commands), gnt-debug(8) (debug commands). Ganeti daemons: ganeti-watcher(8) (automatic instance restarter), ganeti-cleaner(8) (job queue cleaner), ganeti-noded(8) (node daemon), ganeti-masterd(8) (master daemon), ganeti-rapi(8) (remote API daemon). Ganeti htools: htools(1) (generic binary), hbal(1) (cluster balancer), hspace(1) (capacity calculation), hail(1) (IAllocator plugin), hscan(1) (data gatherer from remote clusters). COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 Google Inc. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General Public License can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL. Ganeti ganeti-listrunner(8)
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