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Full Discussion: tail and log rotation
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting tail and log rotation Post 302727491 by hergp on Tuesday 6th of November 2012 09:53:35 AM
Old 11-06-2012
If you are on Linux or have GNU coreutils available, you can use

tail --follow=name filename

When logrotation happens, you will see a message like

tail: filename: No such file or directory
tail: `filename' has appeared;  following end of new file

You can redirect stderr to /dev/null if you do not want to see this message.
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MTAIL(1)							   User Commands							  MTAIL(1)

mtail - tail variant designed for web developers monitoring logfiles SYNOPSIS
mtail [options] <file>... DESCRIPTION
MonkeyTail allows a user to tail multiple files on both local and remote hosts and clearly marks inactivity by putting 5 newlines in the output whenever a pause in output over 3 seconds is detected. MonkeyTail is implemented a fairly simple wrapper script around standard tail, ssh, and sudo. OPTIONS
-q Quiet mode --quiet " " -n Output the last N lines of each file before tailing (defaults to 0) <file>... Files to tail. These can specified in the following ways: @<groupname> - expands the group (from .mtailrc) to a list of files to tail <filename> - tails a local file. +<filename> - attempts to sudo and tail a local file (will prompt for pwd if required). <remotehost>:<filename> - attempts to invoke tail via ssh on a remote host. +<remotehost>:<filename> - attempts to invoke sudo tail via ssh on a remote host (will prompt for pwd if required). SEE ALSO
mtailrc(5), tail(1) AUTHOR
Martyn Smith <> mtail May 2008 MTAIL(1)

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