Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Displaying the first field if the second field matches the pattern using Perl Post 302726549 by royalibrahim on Sunday 4th of November 2012 08:20:58 PM
Displaying the first field if the second field matches the pattern using Perl


I am trying with the below Perl command to print the first field when the second field matches the given pattern:
perl -lane 'open F, "< myfile"; for $i (<F>) {chomp $i; if ($F[1] =~ /patt$/) {my $f = (split(" ", $i))[0]; print "$f";}} close F' dummy_file

I know I can achieve the same with the following thread: But still I am curious why this code is not returning any expected result and how to correct it. Any help please.
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Plucene::Search::TermQuery(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   Plucene::Search::TermQuery(3pm)

Plucene::Search::TermQuery - a query that contains a term SYNOPSIS
# isa Plucene::Search::Query $term_query->normalize($norm); my $ssw = $term_query->sum_squared_weights($searcher); my $as_string = $term_query->as_string($field); DESCRIPTION
A query that matches a document containing a term. Term query are the simplest possible Plucene queries and are used to match a single word. Term queries are represented by instances of the TermQuery class and contain the desired term (word) and a field name, both are case sensitive. The field specified in a Term query must be a document field that was specified as 'indexible' during the indexing process. If the field was specified during indexing as 'tokenized' than the term will be matched against each of tokens (words) found in that field, otherwise, it will be matched against the entire content of that field. A term query may have an optional boost factor (default = 1.0) that allows to increase or decrease the ranking of documents it matches. METHODS
term / idf / weight Get / set these attributes sum_squared_weights my $ssw = $term_query->sum_squared_weights($searcher); This will return the sum squared weights for the passed in searcher. normalize $term_query->normalize($norm); to_string my $as_string = $term_query->as_string($field); perl v5.12.4 2011-08-14 Plucene::Search::TermQuery(3pm)

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