Operating Systems Linux Red Hat ifconfig eth0 unplumb equivalent Post 302723223 by hergp on Monday 29th of October 2012 04:57:57 PM
Unfortunately, this is not as easy in Linux as it is in Solaris. Look here or here for a short overview.
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Hi, Just installed Centos 5.1 on HP DL360, on this system I have to close to ten nic's. How can I find which one is eth0? When I do " ifconfig -a" I see all of them, but I can't tell which is eth0? Please advice. (2 Replies)
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Eth0 not running in redhat 6.4

Hi guys, I really need your help with this. My network interface eth0 is up but not running. I checked udev rules and ifcfg-eth0 files to make sure the mac address are the same. It just would not come up. Please please I will really appreciate the help here. Thank you in advance. (3 Replies)
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netload(1)						      General Commands Manual							netload(1)

netload - Network device load monitor SYNOPSIS
netload device [-t <secs>] DESCRIPTION
netload displays the load on an interface without using the interface. netload simply accesses kernel statistics. netload uses ncurses to display the information, and the use of a gauge to show the network load. It shows the absolute load, relative load, and other statistics, as well as the maximum load on the system so far. Interface is the name of your NIC, ppp, etc.. as shown in ifconfig. Typical names are "ppp0" "eth0" or "lo" (the latter is for local- host). CONFIGURATION Netload file $HOME/.netloadrc allows you to add any number of network interfaces, modify the alarm settings and your email preferences. The first time that netload is run it generates $HOME/.netloadrc , which should be changed to fit your preferences. OPTIONS
-t refresh-interval The -t flag reprensents the refresh rate of the application. The default is 1 second EXAMPLES
netload eth0 FILES
~/.netloadrc Per user configuration file LICENSE
You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU General Public License <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html> AUTHOR
Luis Falcon (lfalcon@thymbra.com) USER COMMANDS
November 1996 netload(1)

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