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help with wget and 404 errors

I am trying to use wget to make a local copy of this website (i have the http:// in front, but the forum will not allow me to put it in at this time)

Whenever i try to use wget i receive an "Error 404: Not found". I tried the referer with no luck.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
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CDDB-TOOL(1)						      General Commands Manual						      CDDB-TOOL(1)

cddb-tool - Get CDDB information SYNOPSIS
cddb-tool parse file [-i|-d|-a|-t] [num|-c|-p] cddb-tool template disc-id tracks cddb-tool send [file] address cddb-tool query server user host disc-id tracks cddb-tool read server user host disc-id genre cddb-tool help DESCRIPTION
cddb-tool is a backend tool for abcde. It is passed information from cd-discid and uses it look up the CD title, artist, and track informa- tion on the cddb database ( on the internet. COMMANDS
parse [file] option Get data out of a cddb file (use "-" for stdin). Options (use one and only one): id prints disc id album prints album title track num prints title of track num artist prints artist category prints category cddbgenre synonym for category all parse file and dumps to stdout in a form sourceable by the shell send [file] address Mails file file (or stdin of no file specified) to specified address, using correct format. Category should be one of blues, classical, country, data, folk, jazz, newage, reggae, rock, soundtrack, misc. template [disc-id] [tracks] Generates a template (empty) cddb file to stdout. The command line should be essentially the output of cd-discid. query [server] [user] [host] [disc-id] [tracks] Looks up disc on server (should be of form "http://host/cddb/cddb.cgi") remainder of command line is in the same form as that returned by the cd-discid program. Uses wget, so if you need to use a proxy then just configure wget to do so. user and host will be used for identify- ing ourselves to the CDDB server. Outputs response code and entries with matching CDDB entries, if successful, from the CDDB server. read [server] [user] [host] [disc-id] [genre] Dumps CDDB entry to stdout. File will contain an extra #CATEGORY= line, which leaves it a valid CDDB file but which will be recognized by parse and send commands. Uses wget, so if you need to use a proxy then just configure wget to do so. user and host will be used for identi- fying ourselves to the CDDB server. help Prints usage information. AUTHOR
Nathaniel Smith <>, maintained as part of abcde by Robert Woodcock <>. Manual page compiled from help information by Robert Woodcock. CDDB-TOOL(1)

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