"why output consists of 3 values"

Post #302681871 by FUTURE_EINSTEIN on Saturday 4th of August 2012 05:41:04 PM

why output consists of 3 values

Hi there if I have a file called an411
which contains the folowing information [13/Feb/2011:06:52:00 +0000] "GET /datafeed.php HTTP/1.1" 200 2826 [13/Feb/2011:06:53:00 +0000] "GET /index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 1190 [13/Feb/2011:06:55:00 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 3000
and I want to ouput the number of bytes of the record that contains pattern.
The code:
 grep '[datafeed.php]' an411 | cut -d" " -f8

Can anyone explain me why it returns 3 values. I think it should return only one because grep matches pattern doesn't it?
Any help Smilie
Thanks in advance Smilie
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WNINTRO(7WN)						  Miscellaneous WordNettm Topics					      WNINTRO(7WN)

wnintro - introduction to miscellaneous WordNet information SYNOPSIS
morphy - discussion of WordNet's morphological processing uniqbeg - unique beginners for noun hierarchies wngloss - glossary of terms used in WordNet wngroups - discussion of WordNet search code to group similar senses wnlicens - text of WordNet license agreement wnpkgs - information about WordNet packages and distribution wnstats - database statistics DESCRIPTION
This section of the WordNet Reference Manual contains manual pages that describe various topics related to WordNet and the semantic concor- dances, and a glossary of terms. SEE ALSO
wnintro(1WN), wnintro(3WN), wnintro(5WN), morphy(7WN), uniqbeg(7WN), wngroups(7WN), wnlicens(7WN), wnpkgs(7WN), wnstats(7WN), wngloss(7WN). Fellbaum, C.(1998), ed. "WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database". MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. WordNet 3.0 Dec 2006 WNINTRO(7WN)

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