Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to remove blank line from a text file? Post 302677001 by Corona688 on Wednesday 25th of July 2012 11:37:06 AM
That sed ought to have removed blank lines, it works here.

So I suspect the line isn't actually blank.

Try hexdump -C filename | less to review ASCII codes for the data to see if you can find what's in the 'blank' line.

I couldn't say why your code's making these lines without seeing your code.
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g3cat(1)                                                       mgetty+sendfax manual                                                      g3cat(1)

g3cat - concatenate multiple g3 documents SYNOPSIS
g3cat [-l] [-a] g3-file1 ... DESCRIPTION
g3cat concatenates g3 files. These can either be 'raw', that is, bitmaps packed according to the CCITT T.4 standard for one-dimensional bitmap encoding, or 'digifax' files, created by GNU's GhostScript package with the digifax drivers. Its output is a concatenation of all the input files, in raw G3 format, with two white lines in between. If a - is given as input file, stdin is used. If the input data is malformed, a warning is printed to stderr, and the output file will have a blank line at this place. OPTIONS
-l separate files with a one-pixel wide black line. -h <blank lines> specifies the number of blank lines g3cat should prepend to each page. Default is 0. -L <lines> limit lenght of output page to maximum <lines> lines. SPECIAL-CASE OPTIONS -w <width> specifies the desired page width in pixels per line. Default is 1728 PELs, and this is mandatory if you want to send the fax to a standard fax machine. If one of the input files doesn't match this line width (for example because it was created by a broken G3 creator), a warning is printed, and the line width is transparently fixed. -a byte-align the end-of-line codes (EOL) in the file. Every EOL will end at a byte boundary, that is, with a 01 byte. -p <pad> specifies a minimum number of bytes that each output line must be padded to. Padding is done with 0-bits before the EOL code. -R suppress output of end-of-page code (RTC). Example The following example will put a header line on a given g3 page, 'page1' and put the result into 'page2': echo '$header' | pbmtext | pbm2g3 | g3cat - page1 >page2 FILES
Hopefully none :-). SEE ALSO
g32pbm(1), sendfax(8), faxspool(1) AUTHORS
g3cat is Copyright (C) 1993 by Gert Doering, <> greenie 27 Oct 93 g3cat(1)

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