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Full Discussion: Putty Auto Login
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Putty Auto Login Post 302666497 by radha254 on Wednesday 4th of July 2012 01:50:52 PM
Old 07-04-2012
Can some one help me . need it badly .
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Auto login?

Ok I've lost myself and hit a brick wall. What I am trying to do is avoid the login screen when the machine is turned on. So no login screen is needed unless you turn the machine on and log out to login and change users. But as I said before I've hit a brick wall. I got not an idea of what I... (4 Replies)
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Auto Login

Hey all, I'm trying to configure a system so when it reboots it'll automatically log as a user I have selected. I've never done this nor' as I to sure on how to. This is teh best I have found on teh web and well I've changed a few things. but does anyone who has done this know if it'll work... (1 Reply)
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Auto X when Login

Hi All, We have some HP unix servers and sometimes we logon there thru a dedicated Windows server that has Reflection X on it in case we need X. In this case we always need to export DISPLAY=winservername:0.0 I want to automate this thing in .profile file. If e.g. $TERM = hpterm (thru... (2 Replies)
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resticting user to login using putty on port 21(ftp)

Hi, I am having small query and wheather it is possible ? that user can transfer the files using ftp client examples (filezilla) , but he can not use putty to login using ftp and run the commands, Regards, Manoj (2 Replies)
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Can't login through putty

I am changing root password by passwd. Now I can directly log into the system but I can not log in using puttytel. It will show an error "Incorrect Password":rolleyes: (1 Reply)
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Putty Login - with Batch?

Hello Everybody, I have a question on the UNIX server login with putty. Can this login procedure into PUTTY be automated with a macro or vbs or batch file? Kindly help me in directing me for the above. Thanks for the help, Regards, (3 Replies)
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7. Windows & DOS: Issues & Discussions

Batch file to login to putty and list directory

I've created a .bat file with this line: start C:\USERS\Putty\putty.exe -ssh -pw password That opens a putty session and logged in it with the user and password i've already specified. But now, I want to enter a simple command like "ls -l" for example.. How can I do that? I've... (3 Replies)
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8. Fedora

can't login via GUI but can via Putty

Hi all, I am able to login via putty to a fedora 10 workstation. But when i try to login via physical screen connected to workstation, it just gives me a blank screen and i cant see any options to enter username and passwd. How do i get the physical GUI to work. $ who -r ... (4 Replies)
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Login putty automatically

Hi Guys , I am using putty.exe file to login to servers . I heard that there is way to save my username and password in putty so that i no need to give my creds while logging into putty . If so please provide me th way to do so . Please note : I am not talking about keyfile . Thanks in... (6 Replies)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

Some automatic process to login in putty. install some patch

Hello, I was wondering, we have multiple servers where we login from Putty. Is there some way we get automatically loged in after giving server name and password(by saving it in some file or like that) Just a thought (2 Replies)
Discussion started by: mirwasim
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DUMPE2FS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       DUMPE2FS(8)

dumpe2fs - dump ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem information SYNOPSIS
dumpe2fs [ -bfhixV ] [ -o superblock=superblock ] [ -o blocksize=blocksize ] device DESCRIPTION
dumpe2fs prints the super block and blocks group information for the filesystem present on device. dumpe2fs is similar to Berkeley's dumpfs program for the BSD Fast File System. OPTIONS
-b print the blocks which are reserved as bad in the filesystem. -o superblock=superblock use the block superblock when examining the filesystem. This option is not usually needed except by a filesystem wizard who is examining the remains of a very badly corrupted filesystem. -o blocksize=blocksize use blocks of blocksize bytes when examining the filesystem. This option is not usually needed except by a filesystem wizard who is examining the remains of a very badly corrupted filesystem. -f force dumpe2fs to display a filesystem even though it may have some filesystem feature flags which dumpe2fs may not understand (and which can cause some of dumpe2fs's display to be suspect). -h only display the superblock information and not any of the block group descriptor detail information. -i display the filesystem data from an image file created by e2image, using device as the pathname to the image file. -x print the detailed group information block numbers in hexadecimal format -V print the version number of dumpe2fs and exit. BUGS
You need to know the physical filesystem structure to understand the output. AUTHOR
dumpe2fs was written by Remy Card <>. It is currently being maintained by Theodore Ts'o <>. AVAILABILITY
dumpe2fs is part of the e2fsprogs package and is available from SEE ALSO
e2fsck(8), mke2fs(8), tune2fs(8) E2fsprogs version 1.41.11 March 2010 DUMPE2FS(8)

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