Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers How to run linux in windows 7 without dual boot? Post 302635663 by mahor1989 on Saturday 5th of May 2012 05:08:35 PM
How to run linux in windows 7 without dual boot?

tell me in steps if its virtual box
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xcompmgr(1)						      General Commands Manual						       xcompmgr(1)

xcompmgr - sample X compositing manager SYNOPSIS
xcompmgr [-d display] [-r radius] [-o opacity] [-l left-offset] [-t top-offset] [-acCfFnsS] DESCRIPTION
xcompmgr is a sample compositing manager for X servers supporting the XFIXES, DAMAGE, and COMPOSITE extensions. It enables basic eye-candy effects. OPTIONS
-d display Specifies the display to manage. -r radius Specifies the blur radius for client-side shadows. -o opacity Specifies the opacity for client-side shadows. -l left-offset Specifies the left offset for client-side shadows. -t top-offset Specifies the top offset for client-side shadows. -I fade-in-step Specifies the opacity change between steps while fading in. -O fade-out-step Specifies the opacity change between steps while fading out. -D fade-delta Specifies the time (in milliseconds) between steps in a fade. -a Automatic server-side compositing. This instructs the server to use the standard composition rules. Useful for debugging. -c Client-side compositing with soft shadows and translucency support. -f When -c is specified, enables a smooth fade effect for transient windows like menus, and for all windows on hide and restore events. -n Simple client-side compositing. -s Server-side compositing with hard-edged shadows. -C When -c is specified, attempts to avoid painting shadows on panels and docks. -F When -f is specified, also enables the fade effect when windows change their opacity, as with transset(1). -S Enables synchronous operation. Useful for debugging. BUGS
Probably. Please report any you find to AUTHORS
Keith Packard, with contributions from Matthew Allum, Eric Anholt, Dan Doel, Thomas Luebking, Matthew Hawn, Ely Levy, Phil Blundell, and Carl Worth. xcompmgr(1)

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